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Littlerock High School Reviews

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Good school. Lots of resources & programs to help you. School staff are always there for you whenever.
Participate in everything you can! Keep in mind all of the goals and requirements that you need to reach them.
LHS is an amazing school with amazing people. In my short time here I’ve met so many people and made lots of friends. The teachers here are actually helpful and considerate. I do wish there were more STEAM classes and extracurricular activities tho.
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Littlerock High School is a good school. The teachers do their best to teach us, but the system has to change. The way they teach us has been the same for hundreds of years and i think all the schools systems need to change to what's currently happening.
It is very mediocre. There is not really anything special about it other then the Biomedical program and Agriculture program.
What I enjoyed the most about Littlerock High School was the Biomedical Science Program I got to be a part of. All of teachers were very committed to my education, but especially two in particular. Mrs. Miser was my teacher for the Biomedical Science Program aforementioned and she genuinely cared about each individual student and showed devotion towards building a curiosity for science in us which results in my current major choice which is Biomedical Science. She permanently affected my life for the better as a low income student with no real goals in life, she transformed me into a committed academic scholar seeking a higher education in one of the most difficult fields. The second teacher was Mrs.Phillips and she was my AP Biology teacher who later upon urgent request became my Varsity Tennis Coach. We would electively come to school every Saturday morning for the Ap Biology class and she would make the experience easier and fun filled which is rare for a class on a weekend.
Great school academically wise, but is lacking in the safety aspect. The security provided at my school isn’t the best. They make friends with the typical “bad kids” who should be in class and they allow them to ditch. Academically, Littlerock provides many AP and honors courses which are great for students like myself.
Overall littlerock is an okay school. Staff an teachers could definitely be improved in some areas but some programs like JROTC and Littlerock Band are amazing.
Average school, struggles with resources and funding Went here for 3 years, if you don’t make friends school will suck, teacher are okay, you can tell some don’t want to be there and some do, very sad, sports are Severely underfunded and need more attention
What I liked about littlerock is that everyone knows each other. It's a small school and everyone gets along with each other.
I'm currently going to little rock high school, so far being here scenic freshmen year i had a lot of fun. I also had the change to meet new people and friends. They help me when i need help also i became great friends with some of my teachers. In fact my favorite teacher so far has to be Mr. Ramirez, he is a great person. I'm very grateful in having him as a teacher he nice fun and not like the other teachers, he does what other teachers cant make learning fun and interesting. Also my English teacher ms, archer shes a great person too and makes learning fun and exciting.
I like how the teachers get hands on with assignments. They are always willing to help and take time out of their day or afterschool to let students stay in and help them. The counselors are very helpful because they give you information and advice and are always there when you need them.
Littlerock High School is a good school with many amazing counselors and teachers. The majority of the staff and faculty there are all very helpful and show support of their students and they have high expectations for their success. It also has many clubs and academies that students can join to explore their extra curricular interests or career pathways.
Littlerock High School is pretty small compared to some of the other schools in the district, meaning that teachers tend to care about more students. A teacher can keep up with ten students here compared to a teacher at Pete Knight who can only keep up with five. I love how the teachers actually care about a student and their grades and how they’re doing. It also makes it easy to find friends here, you tend to find people with things in common with you so easily since it’s small. I only wish that the kids who don’t necessarily care about their education or where their life is going, we’re to fix their attitude for the rest of us who do care.
My experience at Littlerock High school has been the best four years of my life. This school is packed with caring, supporting, and excellent teachers. The staff their is generous, kind and will help with any issue a student brings forth. The school itself upgrades or in other words changes for the better of its students with access to the things they need for a successful education. The location is close to where I live so that has always been a helpful thing.
Littlerock High School has the potential to do better however it seems as if most of the people there don't have the motivation to do so.
Littlerock High Schools seems like an intimidating and dark place. I've heard some even describe it as a prison. However, Littlerock opens doors for individuals who have a certain drive to themselves. It's a place that welcomes young, hungry, and humble beings with open arms. The rock may not be the most prestigious high school institution but, it's dynamic says otherwise. Walking through the gates of Littlerock High School offers you a sense of warmth and liveliness. Not all schools have this trait, but from my experience Littlerock offers it and offers it with a specific sense of inclination and wholesomeness.
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Littlerock High School has really amazing staff, many teachers are willing to help push students to do their best in life. Teachers and counselors at Littlerock are always helping students with any questions the student may have. Teachers will help support and encourage students to become the best they can be.
Overall most of the teachers are very supportive and motive their students. The staff members are very kind to the students and only wants the best for us. I also enjoy how clean the manage to keep the school.
I loved being at LHS. As long as you are involved there is never a dull time. Although our sports aren't the best, our music department is the best in the whole valley. The arts are held in high regard at the school.
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