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Littlefield High School Reviews

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Littlefield High is a very great high school to attend. The teachers are so good and willing to work with you. Whenever you come to Littlefiled high school everyone welcome you in.
Overall a good school just needs better academics. Teachers are amazing and very helpful. The staff treats you lile family. They have a few clubs. Everyone gets involved.
Littlefield high school has not been very kind to me. Although the staff has treated me poorly, i've found a group of friends that love me. A change at LHS I would like to see, is all people and clubs being treated equally, and not just let the athletic program have all the school funds.
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What makes this school unique is that the school is big on tradition and the students here treats everyone like a someone. Tradition also is what holds the school together. I would choose this school again, because the teachers and staff here care about the students and their grades and they want the students to be involved in everything, sports, UIL, ect. There is always someone or something here that will motivate you everyday to do your best. My overall experience here has been great.
I have had so much fun the past four years at Littlefield High School. Everyone is friends and we don't just all hang out inside school. You keep in contact with everyone over the summer. From running around outside during lunch my freshman year to decorating the senior's hallway my senior year, it has been one of the greatest experiences. I absolutely love the class that I am getting the opportunity to graduate with.
My freshman year I ate in the cafeteria every single day for breakfast and lunch. The lunch ladies are extremely nice and the food was great.
I'm not too sure how I feel about punishment mostly because I am not in trouble often, but the school is very strict about things like tardies, PDA, and turning in work. If a teacher complains to the principal or assistant principal about failure to turn in work, you will have detention or in-school suspension.
The athletic facilities are in great condition. We have great softball and baseball fields. We also have an extremely nice basketball gym that sort of looks like an arena where we have our pep-rallies for our football games. All students of all grades participate in a spirited manner to support our football team.
The teachers at Littlefield High School are great. If you need help, they stay the entire lunch period to tutor. They always help out with things like homework or problems even if it's not for their class. They care about students and you can tell they want them to succeed.
There are many clubs at our school that they advertise at the beginning of every year, such as chess club, Spanish club, TAFE, One Act, Yearbook Committee, Student Council, Leaders of Littlefield (LOL), etc.
They enforce discipline very well.
Our coaches are on our butts to do great everyday.
Everyone is accepted no one ever feels left out.
The school is to lenient.
I've learned a lot while at this school. It's amazing.
I love going to this school. It's a great place with great teachers. I've learned a lot here.
At Littlefield High School, they offer plenty of extracurricular activities, many of them are of good quality, however, they do not receive the funding they require and they are limited to activities
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I think my high school prepared me for college and job opportunities after graduation.
I think my high school could have received better variety of lunch options.
The athletic facilities are decent. We have an all turf football field for our team, a fairly new gym and baseball field for the basketball and baseball players. We have a limtied sports opportunities however, as the only sports our school offers are limited to: volleyball, softball, basketball, baseball, football, track, tennis, and golf. The main sports such as football and basketball, are well attended by the student body as our principals and teachers encourage students to attend. Our school spirit is like no other school I know of as every friday we have a mini pep rally in our courtyard for the football team featuring the entire student body as well as the band. Then in the afternoon there is the big pep rally for the entire school, and the public. The team on all sports work failry well with each other, even though there are some problems mostly just immature issues with each other. The fitnesss program is failry good and excells mostly in the weight-lifting portion.
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