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I went to little wound school since I was kindergarten, I am soon to be senior this following fall semester and I am happy to say that little wound provides a safe place, and is a bully free zone, the school is well aware of everyone’s actions and tries to help students as they need it. Little wound students are very friendly and there is no judgement in the school, you are allowed to be your own person and be who you like to be. We welcome new people with open arms and make them feel like this is the place to be. As our saying says “Once A Mustang Always A Mustang”.
It's home for me but there aren't a whole lot of opportunities besides the knowledge bowl during Lakota Nation Invitational basketball tournament. The academics definitely did not prepare me for college, but there are plenty of sports programs. My favorite memory was having everything paid for with the knowledge bowl in 2002 at the Lakota Nation Invitational basketball tournaments. The best thing about the school is that everything is free but no opportunities to succeed educationally, until college.
The parents who teach or are staffed at the school are usually highly involved. The community is in a way supported by the school funding meaning checks for good grades, community meal feedings, family fun nights. The cleanliness is a little below average because the floors are always very dirty. Of you need computer access after hours forget it, but the gym stays open until 8-9pm. Busing and meals are completely free for all students considering this is a rural area.
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There's sports but no other extra curricular activities offered.
Wholesome meals are offered because the community is poor financially, and the students depend on these meals.
The basketball team is well known on the pine ridge Indian reservation. Other than that, other sports are mediocre.
The school is located in a small community, therefore everyone knows each other. If you're not in the right family, you won't get treated as well. Also because the families in the community all know each other, there seems to be quite a large amount of nepotism in the staff, teachers, guidance counselors, superintendent, and principal. I haven't seen any bullying while I attended but recently in the past few years have found that there is now a dress code strictly enforced. This currently seems to be the issue. As for attendance, students obviously are encouraged to go to school but it's not disciplined either if they don't go. Parents should be held responsible but the policy does not.
I took an alternative program and graduated. The courses were at my own pace but was disappointed with the academics. I transferred from Rapid City Central High School and felt like although I moved up a grade when I transferred, the work was nowhere near as hard. There was never anything challenging or little to no homework at all. It looks like the community is centered all around the school but the children ate barely passing and or going to school.
all the different things the school has to offer, its good. the school takes care of the students just as much as it does the school environment.
Some of my life long mentors are the teachers I met while attending this school. They are very caring and helpful.
Special or physical needs students are taken care of to a great deal. specialized staff work with them to make sure they are treated just like the others. college recruiting is also good, they have several career fairs throughout the school year.
The sports teams are great, the equipment is good but sometimes limited. the exercise equipment could use a touch up but all in all the sports facility is a good one.
There are a few things academically the school can work on,

but other than that everything is great.
The consolers and school board, enforce the school policies and dress code.
this was the best high school experience of the whole four and a half years of my schooling. Some may not think but we all have our own opinion about things. The unique thing about this school is that everyone actually supports others choices and doesn't judge on others, also its very equal. Yes, I would choose this school if I could attend high school again, my experience here is worth redoing.
its great, when I was attending here, they had a great pep club it was to support the boys and girls basketball, volleyball, football throughout their games. Was very inspirational, I thought.
The academics, and critical thinking, curriculum is great. I'm thankful for this school.
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The school is very convenient on safety the staff and student are doing their best on keeping children in school and out of trouble. They are the best. And the school nurse was very promising of her job, she taught me a little about the nursing career she was a great nurse for LW. Security is great. Staff is excellent on making sure kids get to class.
after attending High school at Little wound, I felt that I needed to start myself in college to better my chances at accomplishing my goal of becoming a nurse. All I ever wanted to do was help people in need. I learned that its best to Pay attention, to "What" To everything and anything that is taught to you. I had to find that out the hard way. By not paying attention I had an extra year in high school, to finish my math class Alg. which was worth the time. But I am indeed, now a college sophomore and Id say thanks to Little wound high school staff and student. I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you LWHS staff!
They really want to help you achieve your goals.
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