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Little Wolf Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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What I love about Little Wolf is how tight-knit the school is with the community. Manawa is a pretty small school, so the community is very involved with the school. Another thing that I love is our school spirit. Every single football, volleyball, basketball, or pretty much any other type of game or school event, the crowd is packed. Almost every student, teacher, or resident is at the game cheering on the wolves. The thing I probably love the most is Homecoming. Like I said before, the community is very involved, and we go all out. Extravagant hallway and float building/decorating competitions, Wednesday night games (which consists of volleyball, powderpuff, capture the flag, a slip n slide, and eating contest between the grades), and a Parade. All in all, Little Wolf is one big family, and I wouldn't trade my experience here for anything.
There has been some drama with the administration over my 6 years in the building, but the teachers all really care about their students and are dedicated to preparing their students for success.
Its like any small town... Lots of drama and bad education. I did not enjoy my time at this school. everyone is so judgmental and if don't have the "popular" last name, just forget being in sports! they will bend you and won't even give you the time. hope you enjoy that bench life!
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I absolutely love Little Wolf Jr/Sr High School, the staff is truly outstanding. They are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure their students succeed at not just school, but also any extracurricular activities. Since our school is in such a small community where everyone knows everyone, I think that is something that makes our school so great. The connection that the students have with their teachers has a huge impact on their achievements. There isn't much I would change about Little Wolf, I think not only the teachers, but the rest of the staff are doing great things on making improvements to the school, in many ways. They are helping to make students want to come and learn new things everyday by making it fun and worthwhile, while preparing them for their next step in life after high school.
My experience at Little Wolf Junior/Senior High School has not been all that great. Most students cannot wait to graduate and get out of this small town and start their life over. I have 52 students in my senior class, everyone knows everyone and everything. This school is like your typical small town school. I will forever wish I had gone to a bigger high school because I feel I would fit in better in a big city than in a small country town.
There's a lot of gossip but people are friendly.
they need to get rid of all the out dated things here
they could do more about the bullying
they could make lunch longer so you have time to eat and hangout with your friends.
Its because the students are very rude and they like to bully people for any reason at all and they are very self centered mean people.
The athletic facilities are mediocre. We have just gotten a new floor in our gym this year, and it is high quality. Our school has a weight room and is open for student use at the end of each day. Our school's sports team doesn't win a lot but our school has a lot of school spirit.
My school has a variety of extracurricular activities.
students that want to get involved in extracurricular activities have a variety of choices around the school.
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