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Little Village Lawndale High School Reviews

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We have a large variety of kids.We have so many opportunites for everyone.We have so many sports at our school.Also we have 4 school in one.
My Experience in Little Village Lawndale High School was not complete was of time. This school had wonderful teachers and amazing courses for students. The food was great and the space was perfect. The problems came in the strict rules put in place by bad leadership. The school did what ever it could for students to graduate but unfortunately that wasn't the case for every teacher. This school could use some work on bringing students together and especially those of different races. If the community does not solve its gang problem the school will continue to suffer.
What I like about the school is the teachers because they care for their students. There are a lot of programs and sports that students can join. I also like it because it's a small school, and teachers can get to know you better and they stay after school so they can help you.
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What I personally like about Little village highschool is how it has 4 schools in one really big school. I like that we learn a lot of things and also learn about how the school came to be. I love the teachers so much they give us motivation.
I love the fact that Little Village is the academic and saftey of their community memebers. Little villagae may not be resourceful to the publics eye but we do make sure we are well prepared. The community is so filled with cultural aspects with lots of Love & Compassion.
My experience in little village is amazing because it make me feel confident and safe about my education, it has help me a lot no just about academics but also to try new things. What i like about this school is it has a lot of unity, respect, honesty and ownership within all four school. What i would like to change is the school's food and to have more fun activities that will unite all four schools.
Our school is always on a budget, so there isn't like 50 activities after school that students can do. But there is enough to get students involve. There is at least one extracurricular that deals with aspects in any type of category. Sports are the most popular because they also involve those who are not part of a team. Other clubs like Upward Bound, help students achieve their higher education. All these numerous clubs and activities for the students benefit the in a certain way.
This school not only teaches you off the books but helps you become a better person in general. From the day I transferred in I become a completely different person. I am no longer blinded by this blind fold of ignorance. I am concern with everything that occurs around me. I take peoples perspectives and my own and create a whole new other perspective. Moreover, its build the great leader that I am today. This school does more than teach math and science, it brings the real world to us.
The teacher at my institution all have different intellectual minds of their own. They all allow us to really know what they think and what they want us to learn. When teaching lessons they really are interested in helping us become brighter. Not only that but they are people I can talk to about stuff other than school. The teachers at my school are people I can certainly look up to.
My experience here has been great. I'm really involved in my school and I love how every year we have a special ceremony for the new incoming freshmen. We stand together welcoming them into our family. I wouldn't not choose this school again if I had the chance because I have had some amazing times here, Not just academically.
All of the teachers are great at what they do. We learn about real world issues and how it's connects to our generation. The class is very engaged about what we learn and we never shy away from a question. The teachers make us feel that every question, no matter if it's ff topic , us a great question and they will answer it the best they can . one of my teachers fr my ap lang class always gives us one day ever semester to clean out our bookbags and make sure we are organized for every class. She cares about us alot and I appreciate that.
The school safety is an issue when students are dismissed because some students are gang affiliated. Inside the school, most, if not all students feel safe.
My high school was born out of a struggle. Parents and community member planned and organized a hunger strike to have a school for the North Lawndale and Little Village neighborhoods. As an alumna, I am proud to say that the school's history will forever be valuable and this is what makes my this school unique.
They provide a culturally relevant curriculum for students.
All students and teachers are expected to wear their IDs. Every morning the vice-principal goes from class to class to check for IDs or anything that doesn't follow the rules.
There are many sports that are competitive and friendly as a team. There are clubs for people who are great in their studies and are given opportunities to open up to chances for academic credits and services.
I didn't start my freshman year of high school in this school. It was sophomore year that I transferred to this school. I would say that this school is really friendly and I experienced a lot in this school. It is really fun to celebrate what we take as a tradition and I like that we don't call our school a school with just teachers teaching students, we call our school a family ready to take in another member.
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The teachers in this school don't just teach, but help out students who are going through bad experiences. They engage to create a good friendly environment with a good teacher to student relationship and help the student to student relationship. They teach help us lead to great values that our school creates to make every engaging student better throughout their years of high school. The teachers are what make this school friendly enough to be called a family and a home in our school.
The teachers at Social Justice High School are probably the best teachers ever. They have it all, they are amazing and extraordinary teachers that care about every single one of us. They help us when we need it or when we ask them, they stay after school to help us, their teachings are amazing and I just love learning from them. They are also very caring and loveable. They are all professional teachers that since my freshman year, they have care about me and my peers. Their teaching styles are quite impressive and amazing. I refer to that becuade its always exciting going in to class and learning something new. We are a family at SOJO and that is what makes us a great school.
The extracurricular opportunities at my school are abundant and amazing. There's a lot to choose from; sports, dance club, drama club, Yu-Gio card game club and so much more. One problem can be that sometimes they don't get the correct help needed in order for the club to succeed or some times there are just no students that join the club or a club.
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