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Little Snake River Valley School Reviews

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I have attended Little Snake River Valley School my whole school career. I wouldn't change it for anything. The staff is amazing. They work with every child. The school does a great job of accommodating for any child and makes sure all students receive the schooling they need.
I am currently a high school senior, attending Little Snake River High School. My school is very small; about 50 students in the entire high school. I have loved high school, my teachers are great, my fellow students are great, and my community is phenomenal.

I love my school. I've made so many great friends and memories. It may be a small school where everyone knows your business, but there are plenty of opportunities to find classes, clubs, and friends that fit you and your interests. I would definitely choose to go here again.
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We just started a attendance policy. We have a very competitive school so we decided to do something called attendance wars. Each class is competing against each other and the winning class after each month gets a reward! It is a great incentive for students to stay in school.
We have great extracurricular opportunities. For example, we have science club. Science club does many fundraisers and service projects to benefit people around the community. It is a time for everyone to get together and have fun! At the end of each school year we take a trip and learn about science while having fun to reward everyone for their work!
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