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The teachers were phenomenal and were devoted to helping you learn making it an enjoyable four years.
It was an ok experience. It could of been better but i did not feel like it fully prepared me for my first year of college.
Little Rock Christian Academy prepares you for the future. The teachers are very loving and caring and want to see you succeed. You can sit down and have face to face conversations about lessons you may not know.
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LRCA is the best private school in Arkansas by far. The atmosphere and fellowship in Warriorville is amazing. Once you step on campus you can immediately notice the Warrior difference! The teachers here connect with the students while spreading the love of Jesus to us and I love it. The curriculum can be tough but the teachers find really cool and creative ways to teach it in an easy to understand platform. We got some of the best athletics in Arkansas and our arts program is phenomenal. You get to walk in the Word of God through Pre-K to 12th grade while getting a high-class education on a beautiful campus, how can you possibly get any better than that!! Go WARRIORS!!
I love the community at Little Rock Christian. From Kindergarten to twelfth grade, the student body, teachers, coaches, and faculty feel like a family unified in our worldview. Little Rock Christian provides students with college preparation as well as apologetics that will help students defend their faith when they are on their own.
Little Rock Christian Academy is an incredibly strong institution. I love the culture that is created around a central worldview that is presented to the students. LRCA uses it resources wisely to create many phenomenal facilities and constantly improve upon them. However, in my opinion, LRCA can sometimes value its athletic programs more than its academic one when deciding what new buildings to establish.
We transferred to LRCA from LRSD public school my daughter’s Junior year. The amount of faculty support and encouragement has been outstanding. The assistance with navigating the college search and application process has been extremely helpful. Tools were provided to my student to help narrow down what schools might be a good fit and what scholarship opportunities were available. Lots of activities to choose from and ways to engage at school. Very positive experience.
I loved LRCA because it was a school that had one value. I was able to be open about what I believed and also discuss daily my beliefs and strengthen my relationship with the lord. This school reaches 3 year olds to 18 year olds and provides us with an outstanding education. The teachers help and provide the most they can for their students. The arts and athletics are amazing, as I was a part of both. LRCA won blue ribbon school and has won many state championships and the arts have continued to grow and impress everyone around. I can’t speak anymore highly of Little Rock Christian.
The campus is extremely nice and welcoming. You automatically feel at home once you get there. The majority of the teachers are great and make an effort to help you if you get behind. They actually want you to succeed which is different from a lot of schools.
The teachers truly care about your future. Every day you walk in, you see smiles everywhere. Each class is ready to prepare you for the next step in your education. The environment is clean and beautiful. Each year there are new additions to the property that improve the school's well-being.
Academically, LRCA was great. There were plenty of ways to get involved and entertain different interests. However, the administrative staff very clearly had favorites and often chose to benefit themselves rather than students. As a student, it felt as though they did not care for my class and treated us differently from the class below us. The fine arts director chose to hire their friends instead of qualified staff several times.
The school enforces very Republican opinions while claiming to be non denominational. Defends homophobia and transphobia, and on a bad day, misogyny. The school quiets opinions that contradict their xenophobic views. This is not at all a safe environment for diversity. I can think of two teachers that are okay with people being gay, only one in the high school. Plenty of teachers go on homophobic rants during class time, which can be very harmful for students that might be gay, but they also just waste time. No one wants to hear people talk about how much they hate gays. The school has had speakers giving their controversial opinions (although they seem to be held by the majority of the school's population). There is no room given for other opinions and when there is they are looked down upon or just shot down. There is hardly any diversity, whether in political views or ethnic/racial diversity.
I initially chose LRCA to receive a good education. It was known to be one of the most educationally challenging schools along with being a college prep school. While education in the classes offered was excellent, the lack of classes was hindering. Only a select few AP courses are offered, limiting student's potential. Along with this, a few of the classes required do not translate well into college acceptances unless the college is a religious-affiliated college
The teachers provided decent education while maintaining one-on-one communication when needed. The atmosphere was pleasant, if a bit sporty.
Little Rock Christian Academy is a great school where the teachers are active in the student's lives, both academically and spiritually. It is a great community and comfortable environment.
Teachers: 10/10. They truly care about us, love us, and pray for us daily. They go out of their way to make sure students understand concepts.
Clubs: 10/10. A variety of clubs to meet every student's interest.
Athletics: 10/10. 5+ state championships just this year.
Academics: 10/10. There are challenging courses to push students and there is competition, but it is not so pressuring that someone would feel anxiety about competing with peers.
Environment: 10/10. Encouraging, Christlike environment
I received a great education with good array of electives to choose from. I was able to openly pray in school! It's a little small and can be clickish.
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Little Rock Christian Academy provides an excellent education with an unbelievable preparedness for college, fantastic teachers, wonderful administration, and a beautiful campus.
I love the teachers at this school! I have gone here for 13 years and I would recommend it to ANYONE!
I attended Little Rock Christian for seven years and loved it so much. The teachers and staff are amazing and truly care about their students. They wanted us to succeed. We attended chapel every week and took a biblical worldview class that has truly changed my look on the world and has helped me to build relationships with many people with different religions. Although, LRCA does not feel like a real school. It feels like daycare. During my senior year, I learned absolutely nothing new in terms of academics. It is fun but, if not taken seriously will and has caused some students problems. As long as you stay focused and take your education seriously, one can truly flourish at Little Rock Christian Academy.
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