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I have had a great couple of years at Little River high school. I did find some difficulty with the lack of teachers preparing me for college in more than one or two subjects. The food was amazing, I always looked forward to crispito and chicken nugget day, as well as every football and basketball game. Although I wish more effort from teachers and administration especially was put into raising our school spirit.
We have a good athletics program. Our academics program needs some work, but everyone's nice, at least to your face.
This school is constantly changing and growing for the benefit of the kids learning and participating in this district!
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After coming to this school I felt as though some of the high school administration cares more about the reputation of the school and their personal life. Struggling students don’t receive much help and are often pushed to the back.
I have lived in Little River almost my entire life. I like how easy it is to get one-on-one time with the teachers if you need help on something. The community is very inviting and safe. Great Teachers!
I like that all of the teachers are willing to help you before and after school. I believe that some areas of education are very strong, but I think the administrators are working on making the education here better.
I love the people and how you get a great student to teacher relationship. You know all your teachers and they are always fun to be around. Class options are becoming bigger and a lot more fun! I would like to see some things change. Like the people or person in charge.
Little River HS is a great school in a small town where if you wan't to know everybody and be in a clique then it is the place for you.
0/10 no bees. They won't let me bring my cat, and also I wanna cry most of the time. The teachers make me sad, the food makes me die, and the smell is mediocre.
In my experience in the short senior year that I have attended Little River High school it has became like a second home to me. The teachers and other staff always look out for their students if you ever need anything or just someone to talk to they will take the time out of their busy day to have that talk with you. They truly care about their students.
Great school. Good teachers. Very impressed with how friendly everyone is and how there is never any bullying. STUCO sponsors many activities and everyone seems to get along. The food isn't the greatest but that is more of Michelle Obamas fault. The vending machines offer healthy snacks and drinks. The classes are challenging but beneficial. They offer a wide variety of classes.
I've really like it but sometimes I'm not sure what I am doing. Some of the scholarships that it offers are great but I am not sure if I am eligible or not. However, I have been able to apply for a few but if I am not eligible for one I would like to see more requirements listed.
The school makes sure we have all of our health records up to date. And they do a good job about notifying the parents if there's ever something going around like head lice, chicken pox, etc.
As far as sports go, almost everyone is envolved in at least one sport. Games are great, because everyone works together as a team. Even if we lose a game, we don't look at it like the world is ending. We pick ourselves up and brush it off. Everyone has eachothers back.
Almost all of the teachers are there when we need them. If we need to come in to school early to finish a test or get help on homework, they will be there early. Same with after school. There has never been a moment when a teacher didn't help me when I asked for help. They have great teaching skills and i'm glad I have such great teachers.
I feel safe all the time and yes there may be drugies but they are nice.
Its great there is a real great sense of tradition and pride.
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The curry gave me explosive diarrhea that made me look like an autistic beaver trying to build a dam with it's ass.
Overall our school is very clear and concise both in how it presents and enforces rules. This is further accentuated by the great guidance counselor in our school who seemingly does everything in her power to present us with opportunities. Overall the administration is well ran, with a diverse and well taught curriculum as well as several extracurricular activities with which our school are for the most part on the upper tier of excellence. This is a very fine institution with which to learn under the roof of and it has allowed me to better prepare for my future once I graduate.
Either football or basketball the stands are filled with students and teachers.We take football very serious its really what the whole first quarter is about.
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