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Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI) Reviews

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All three of our children started in the 'fours' at Little Red and went straight through the excellent high school. It's an incredible place - fully immersive academics that stoked the curiosity of each of our kids. The best part about our experience was the true community created by the school's commitment to social justice. It's real.
I love LREI! It fully lets students take part in every aspect of the school experience, from what and when they learn to which parts of the culture they participate in.
My child has flourished at LREI. His ability to synthesize and analyze information and share it with others has increased dramatically, due to excellent teachers and a comprehensive, progressive approach to learning. The community is incredible, warm, welcoming and wonderfully diverse. A really great school.
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My child will be a better person for having gone to LREI. She will have agency in her education. She will have friends who look different than her. She will be empathetic. She will be an engaged citizen. She will be a changemaker.
Love the people, small school. Great art department. Lots of room to find your own path and pursue your passions.
Its a very welcoming environment and would recommend anyone to this school! I learned how to move through the world from this school! I see it paying off now during the college process.
My experience at LREI has been very good. Right Now I am a sixth grader at LREI. The thing that I believe LREI needs to work on is enriching the curriculum. I have always felt like I needed more of a challenge. The teachers at LREI are always very nice. If you are looking for a nurturing and socially aware community, you can get that at LREI. LREI is a tight bond of people who care. One of the things I have enjoyed most is learning about Social Justice. Overall, LREI is a good school.
LREI provides students with a unique learning experience that allows students and teachers to learn together through various dialogues, focused by the theme of progressive values. The school has a very strong humanities program but the STEM department is lacking.
I have had such a good experience at LREI so far, I feel the teachers treat us as individuals and make us feel like we matter. There is a lot of diversity and a lot of encouragement to take social action. I feel like a better person.
I think that this school is very amazing and open to everyone's opinion. You can never be neglected no matter how you see yourself. I have been going to the school for 7 years and I have loved it so much. I suggest you apply to go because it is a great experience and you will be welcomed to the community no matter who you are.
I loved LREI, it was the perfect place for me to have my HS experience. The teachers are really nice and helpful and supportive, and if you don't feel comfortable with going to your teachers, you can go to the learning center or any other teachers. You can easily join any sport or club and Carey and Kellen really help with the college process.
Little Red offers a unique liberal and progressive educational experience. They offer a wide variety of classes to take in one's junior and senior year to fulfill almost all academic interests. Every thursday there is an informative assembly covering a new topic, some for example have been the hurricane in cuba, BLM, Latinos, transgender, street art, and the list goes on. They also have a great college office that pay great attention to their students.
A leader in progressive education since 1921, LREI teaches children to be independent thinkers who work together to solve complex problems. Students graduate from our diverse community as active participants in our democratic society, with the creativity, integrity, and courage to bring meaningful change to the world. LREI is committed to each of its community members, each of whom has a responsibility to both the community and to the wider world. This is as important now as it was when LREI was founded. LREI offers community members opportunities to engage in conversations that matter to all through parent forums, parent and student affinity groups, consultants, the curriculum and student-led dialogues.
Surely a unique educational experience, Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI) is a community that values progressive ideals, creativity, and diversity. Both students and educators make the constant effort to have difficult conversations between the various groups that exists inside and outside the school. Every student has access to multiple academic and nonacademic resources to help them succeed. Students are given the opportunity to explore and utilize the city to their advantage. The faculty aims to foster an environment of inclusiveness, innovation, and communication for all. The community continues to grow and change as each year goes by, taking on new challenges and facing them head-on.
For a private school down in Greenwich village LREI quite a diverse array of students. LREI is known for being a progressive school, meaning they're not so focused on testing, but more so on whether a student truly understands the material being taught. The teachers and administrators really want students to explore their options, find something they're passionate about and explore that passion of theirs by the time they graduate.

I loved my time there! The teachers really make the experience. I felt close to all of my teachers and could talk to them about anything from schoolwork, to our favorite tv shows, to life at home.

Just take away one thing from this review: YOU make of your experience at LREI. Whether you're outgoing and join every school play/musical, or you dive into your academics, or spend all your free time in the art/music/dark room, you can do it all.
The school treats sexual health as something that is very important. We receive sex-ed in our late years in middle school and also throughout high-school. We are not encouraged to have sex but rather encouraged to do so safely and be aware of the risks. Bullying is something that doesn't occur much if at all at this school. It's possibly one of the best at anti-bullying campaign efforts. There is a school nurse and psychiatrist as well to provide students with the best physical and mental treatment possible.
A ton of clubs to choose from, so many in fact it's hard to remember them all. Robotics team is always fun and although there is a captain, you are always hands on and get to work just as much as they do. All of the clubs are supported by some faculty member who often expresses as much interest in the group as the students do so altogether it's great!
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It's one of the best schools in NYC and it offers an experience that I'm sure no other school in this country can. It offers a strong liberal arts program with a burgeoning science and technology program that make it compete with even the best schools in this country. The progressive values generate a close relationship between teachers and students where one does not feel as if they're talking to a friend and not an authority. 10/10 I will send my kids here!
All of the teachers at this school are very passionate about what they are teaching. They genuinely care about the topics they discuss and encourage you to formulate your own ideas about them.
A lot of options available & open to student-led classes.
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