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My experience was crazy. I enjoyed the school so much. Great teachers. The Football team was my favorite part of the school. Great four years ill never forget.
recommend to many and to all that want to go make sure your kid is in the shape needed to be successful and they will take you the rest of the way
At Little Miami I received a better education than I ever thought I would. The teachers were honestly amazing and extremely qualified. Several of my teachers had gone to Stanford, and so did many graduating students throughout my years there. Many students were able to receive full rides, specifically to the University of Alabama. Little Miami has produced some amazing young adults as its program is phenomenal. I took several AP classes that have benefited me greatly because of how well the class was taught. My education was insanely well rounded and has definitely prepared me for college. Though I rate my experience "average," it's not because Little Miami wasn't great! It's because it was high school! I am heavily involved in choir and have been able to experience so much because of it. I have performed at state competitions, and gone to Cincinnati several times to do so. I'm grateful for my choir family, choir director, and Little Miami for offering such an amazing program.
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the teachers at my school are wonderful and a joy to learn from. Some of the students are really nice to be around, while others are not. I wish that my school could have a bigger variety of learning opportunities and more extracurriculars.
Little Miami is a district surrounded by different types of communities. This allows for all types of students to attend creating bonds and friendships from all over. At the high school, the most mature students are able to express themselves in all the different clubs in sports. Little Miami High School needs to be modernized in order to adapt to future classes and technology.
we hit 2 pedestrians on the bus ride home and we kept going. This was very sad but pretty epic to see guts spilled everywhere.
Loved playing sports at this school! The AP courses that I took part in were harder than the classes that I am taking in college, so it definitely sent me away prepared, The teachers are also wonderful!
I just had a rough time there but over all. It's ok, what I'd change about it. Is to have coaches that really care about their students. Help them vs of putting them down
Overall Little Miami Changed my life. Going into high school I never thought I would learn as much as I have now. Not only was the teaching very good but all of my teachers were able and happy to help me when I had a question. They had an enthusiasm for teaching I wish I could have in everyday life. Finally, it is a great place to meet new people and to make friendships with a lot of diversity amongst character and personality.
Little Miami is a very involved school with students and teachers. Everybody cares for each other and you never feel alone. With the help of all the teachers and the support of the counselors, I feel that I can succeed through whatever college and life has to throw at me.
I enjoyed going to Little Miami. I attended Little Miami schools for thirteen years. I felt like I received a great education, met lifelong friends, and I was prepared to enter the real world. The teachers prepared all their students in every way possible, they really went above and beyond expectations.
I liked the teachers, they are nice and understanding. The students were good, some really put forth the effort to talk to and get to know new people and invite them and talk to them.
I like how connected everyone is in Little Miami. I enjoy all the traditions that carry onto the next classes throughout my high school career. I would change the diversity of classes that you are able to take because it feels like we are missing classes that would interest more.
I loved everything about my high school. We had the best teachers. The choir family was the most incredible thing anyone could even think about. The math teachers knew how to get their students to engage. The history teachers knew how to make class worth time. It was one of the best things I got to ever experience!
I am a Little Miami student, I have been here since 2nd grade then moved to another school. I came back to Little Miami for 6th grade. My experience at the other school was terrible and I was bullied. When I came back I was welcomed and became friends with lots of people. As growing with my class mate Little Miami has been a great experience. I am glad to say that I am a Little Miami Panther.
I like the way we are taught and how the teachers are laid back. I do not like how sports are based on politics. Also the food could be a little better. Other than that we are very community based and everyone always comes out to the Friday night football games. We aren’t in a very good conference but we are moving into a new one in the upcoming year.
I loved Little Miami. The people here are really nice and the teachers know what they are doing and they will help you if you need it.
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All the teachers and staff are very friendly and welcoming. You always get a family feel because we are one big community. Some classrooms may need updated.
I had a great experience while I was a high-schooler at Little Miami. The teachers were all invested in their students and were always willing to help with not only schoolwork but with other issues students may be dealing with. Upon graduating from Little Miami High School I felt prepared to be successful in college. Little Miami provides many organizations and opportunities for students to get involved.
It was great! I’ll always love my school! I’d love to see more music show up within the school! The staff is always great and they are always having stuff happen with fundraising!
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