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Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls Reviews

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I attended Little Flower since 9th grade. It really is a great school being all girls. At first, I was nervous because I was like all girls! I found my forever sisters there. like every other school, they have things to improve on.
My parents put me into Little Flower to follow my sister’s footsteps. I never really had another option, but I am not complaining. Little Flower is the most welcoming school I have ever attended. I love the all girl atmosphere. It is less drama and none of the girls have to worry about impressing the boys. All four years of attending Little Flower I never had a teacher who was not willing to help me. The staff makes sure every student succeeds. They are all so understanding that the students go through things too. They are by your side through every obstacle. I would not want to graduate from any other school. Go LF!
I love Little Flower so much, it changed my life in such a positive way. I created new bonds with students, teachers, and administrators forever.
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I loved everything at Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls. I gradated in 2017 and it felt like a home away from home. It was bittersweet when it was time to graduate. I was happy I was able to go off to college and continue to make my family proud, but also sad I was having to leave my second home.
Little Flower exposed me to a whole new group of diverse people. It encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and engaged in various activities offered here.
My experience at Little Flower was like no other! The environment is positive and uplifting from the second you walk through the doors. The administration is there to assist students, teachers, and parents with anything they need. I graduated from Little Flower feeling like I was prepared and ready to take on the world. The diverse surroundings allowed me to learn about many different styles of life and cultures. While we were a catholic school all nationalities and religions were welcome to practice with us. I always felt safe and was able to fully divulge into my education.
Little Flower is a great school with a lot of different opportunities. I learned so much from attending this awesome highschool.
Since there is a word limit I can not say too much, however I wish that I could. Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls is an exceptional school. The opportunities in the community are endless and the sisterhood one would experience is beyond imaginable. As a senior my only concern is that there are no honors senior science classes, which is disappointing.
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls is my second home. The moment I first walked in there I felt so welcome and cared for by those around me. Whenever I feel lost in a class and do not understand what I am learning, I immediately remind myself that the teacher will always be willing to stay after class and help me. The students have the biggest hearts. We are one big family and treat other as if we are sisters. When we sing our alma mater it brings smiles and joy to everyones hearts. Little Flower is full of hardworking, eager to succeed, caring, strong students. Not only are our academics great but so are our athletics. Little Flower has amazing coaches who exemplify what teamwork and leadership is about.
My experience as an LF student of four years has been wonderful. There are many activities to be a part of, and an immense school spirit! The classes are rigorous and challenging, but it is so much worth the work.
Little Flower is very diverse and everyone is extremely friendly and accepting. There are extra curricular activities and clubs for everyone. Many courses are available at different levels. Electives are available in many different subject areas. The main downfall is class size. Some classes are quite popular and desks are extremely close together. Navigating those classrooms can be difficult. There is also less 1:1 time between teachers and students in those select courses.
Absolutely loved my experience as a parent at LF. My daughter loved the sisterhood and bonds that was made at Little Flower Catholic High School for girls.
I love the friends I made and some of the relationships I had with some teachers. I like that we are set in tradition, but sometimes it can be too much. Overall though, it was a good experience and taught me a lot.
My daughters are 3rd generation graduates of this incredible high school. Little Flower is constantly growing and changing with the times. We pride ourselves with our traditions and still are making wonderful advancements in all areas of academics, athletics, and the arts. Our diversity can't be compared. Our students graduate ready to conquer the world. They have all the skills they need to move into the next phase of their lives. Choosing Little Flower is not just choosing a high school for your daughter, you are making an investment in her future. Do not let anything stop you from at least checking out Little Flower. Once you walk in those doors, you will feel like you are home. We are a sisterhood that you will want your daughter to be a part of for the rest of her life.
Little Flower is a small and intimate all girls high school. It is a Catholic school so a uniform is required and all students, regardless of their faith, are required to participate in theology classes all 4 years. Some students complain about it but honestly, it really isn't that bad. Other than that, the remainder of the classes are similar to what you would find in a non religious high school, so you will get a decent education here and probably make some good friends along the way.
Little Flower is a great school! Even though it may not be in the best neighborhood, it is very safe and pretty. The teachers and students make you feel very accepted, and there are no clicks to worry about. Also, the academics are challenging and help you to better yourself. Furthermore, there are lots of things to do such as clubs, sports, and fine arts. I recommend LF to everyone.
I am a member of the Class of 2019 at Little Flower and I have to say my experience here wasn't too shabby. The school tries its best to encourage young women to pursue college and career goals and we have a good number of things to take up in the school. Electives such as foreign language classes, art and music are available for all students who are interested. My only problem is, the bullying situation is getting out of hand here, so if you're taking your child here, please be wary of it. Secondly, we have good education but in some circumstances we also have teachers who aren't too good with teaching their students. Overall however, I can say that this school is the reason why I met good and positive people in my life and the reason why I know who I am.
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Little Flower is my high school. I am involved in theater and some school clubs which I enjoy very much.
Little Flower provides a fantastic environment un which students are able to lean and grow. It has allowed me to improve in all aspects of my life- academically, socially, etc.
I loved Little Flower because of the feeling here. It is truly my home away from home. The relationships I have built here will be ones that last. The teachers are great and are always willing to help.
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