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Little Falls Senior High School Reviews

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I love the great staff and friendly atmosphere. I would change the amount of favoritism that happens within classes.
The school is of a small size, so you can create intimate relationships with teachers easily. Small updates on the facility are needed.
It is a great school to go to. It not only has a great academic program, but it has great athletic programs. It is a very fun and informative school. The teachers are super nice as well. It is definitely a great school to attend.
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I liked how friendly the staff is. I like that most teachers are willing to work with emergencies as far as turning in assignments late goes. I love all of the different clubs that you can get involved with especially Student Council and Drama Club which I was in.
Over the past four years I have thoroughly enjoyed attending LFCHS. I have always felt safe and welcomed here as well. The diversity of the school is not as high as the state would like it to be, but it is growing and no believe that its new divers culture will help the school and the community thrive.
Little Falls High School is an amazing school to finish your high school career. All students receive Ipads for homework purposes and are allowed to bring them home and personalize them in many ways. The teachers are incredible and very understanding with homework and being flexible with life schedules. There are many electives to take at LFCHS, anything from automotive, to robotics, broadcasting to many art classes. So students get a variety of options to try out and find out what they are good at. My high school career at Little Falls High School has helped me find my love of wood working, now I am enrolled at St. Cloud Technical and Community College going for carpentry.
I really enjoyed the art teachers here. Depending on which department you were in, however, your experience could be better or worse. Some instructors were extremely biased in their way of thinking and callous to anyone else who had a different way of life. The school is very community-based and there's a lot of support from parents and students. Every school function ran smoothly and was held in a well-respected manner. It could have had AP classes and a way more rigorous standard of education, I feel as though it falls short in that area.
I have never had an issue with not feeling safe in this school.
There are a wide variety of options and things to do out of school. Most are very well supported by the school, but a few can occasionally be put on the back burner. Our students back many activities really well, there is always school spirit and we have fun!
Little Falls is a pretty nice school. The staff is all super friendly, there are so many different things to get involved, and so many ways for students to show off their talents.
All of the teachers are pretty good, but some may be not very consistent in grading or may just use busy work often rather then actually teaching.
I feel safe at school.
There are many extracurriculars but making the time for each is the difficult part.
Many parents never show there face at school.
I enjoy going to class each day.
I love it here. Like stated previously, we're like a family. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
The people are nice and have given me a great high school experience
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The food is not good but it is edible enough to get through the school day
People enjoy the sports but certain ones get focused on and others get left behind
Students connect with students and are there to help the students learn
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