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Love when a unqualified nurse calls about my sick child that I’m monitoring at home and thinks it’s ok for her to tell me what medication my child should be on (tamiflu) . You are NOT qualified to pass ibuprofen don’t call my home
I love all the courses provided at Little Falls High School. I'd like to see some change in dress code, and some staff.
The academics are very good and there are classes for everyone. From different art classes to AP/college courses, they have a lot of them. Somewhat political though not everyone is treated the same.
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Not as many options for students.
This school has a very great atmosphere. I've attended this school since my 5th grade year and I wouldn't change a thing. I wish there was more after school activities or clubs besides sports and drama.
The teachers are generally very happy to be here and teach their students. I have become good friends with many of them and frequently talk to past teachers. They also maintain a professional relationship with their students. Generally very well planned lessons.
There are a variety of sports, arts/music, drama clubs, NHS, FBLA, library club, yearbook, student council
Little Falls is a small school with a small community- therefore, everyone knows everyone and supports everyone. I have had an awesome sports career and have felt encouraged by coaches and family for all 4 years.
I think the teacher at Little Falls High School incorporate a variety of different teaching styles, all of which are effective. Teachers at the school show interest in students by being concerned with their learning and and overall well-being.
The dress code was ridiculous because you couldn't wear tank tops that didn't have a strap width of three fingers, or halter tops unless they were covered (this includes in the middle of summer). Shorts couldn't be more than 3 in. above your knee (for some girls that were really tall it was a problem and got called into the office for it all the time. The bullying policy is not all that great either because it most of the time goes unnoticed, or the bully only gets a week of OSS while their victim, who was trying to defend themselves, gets almost a month of OSS or expelled.
The school building was always kept in good condition, but the technology was somewhat iffy at certain times. The busing is lousy, there was tutoring that was offered after school, and the guidence counselors were always a big help with any problem and college prep.
Little Falls High School had a wide range of sport, club, and after school activities.
Little Falls High School is a very ordinary school, but the principle that was their when I attended treated it the same way he did when he was in Florida. There were a lot of priveledges taken away from my senior class for ridiculous reasons and we had to earn them back because one person would screw up. We aren't even allowed to use our e-mails on the schools computers, nor can we look up half the information that we need to do our projects. As for the buses, my bus would always be thrown in with a country bus because there weren't enough buses and the sports teams needed them more. Most of the time there were more than three people in a seat and many more people standing in the aisle.
It really depends on the teacher and the course to determine how much my highschool prepared students for college. Some were excellent and others were not necessary. As for the social and life lessons it was about average in preparing me life away at college.
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