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I really loved my time at Little Elm High School. It was a good atmosphere and the education was very well taught. I loved how not all teachers were alike because they all had their own styles of teaching. The only reason I took a star out would be the cafeteria food seemed to get worst by every year and I think there needs to be work done there. Overall it was a great school with great administration and alumni.
The administration at Little Elm High School has been very supportive. Most of the classes have someone available for tutoring before or after school if you need help with your school work outside the classroom.
Little Elm is honestly a great school it has its flaws but overall a school that I wouldn’t mind going back too. There are certain teachers who made my 4 years the best and i’m going to miss them.
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My experience in Little Elm High School was pretty amazing. I got learn a lot about myself that I didn't know. New friendships were made with people that I didn't image being friends with in elementary or in middle school. Playing baseball really help me find new friendships and kept me focus in school and in our community .The Teachers were helpful with work and with our personal life when we needed some advise, or someone to talk to. The experience was amazing and I'm never going to forget it.
At Little Elm high school, the staff is very family friendly, and the energy among the students during school events is phenomenal.
Little Elm High School is a great school in a great district. The teachers and staff focus solely on the students success. The environment is student focused which helps the students feel loved and know that their education is in great hands.
I like Little Elm High School for the most part! The music and arts department is very good and I've learned a lot! I haven't done much with sports, but I've heard our team isn't the best. I've always felt very safe at Little Elm High School, we have many officers to keep us safe and there aren't very many fights.
I was only at Little Elm High School for about a 1 1/2 years and from those years at this school, I could say my experience wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst. I had a lot of good friends and some i just didn't like. Most of the teachers i had were very nice, they helped me when i was stuck with a problem, and they were always available after school when i needed tutorials.
I really don't know how I feel about my school. I just go there and get my work done and leave. don't get me wrong I am involved in a lot of things like HOSA, and I'm also on the varsity girls basketball team but I feel like there needs to be change in the future
I have been to 3 different high schools throughout 4 years, Little Elm High School has been the best one so far! The school did an amazing job at catching me up my credits to fit with the districts needs. I have been able to be myself without the worry of others judgment, and have been able to get the accommodations I need to be a successful high school student. The teachers and staff all build relationships with their students to make sure everyone feels taken care of and cared about. The new principal Mrs. Priddy has turned the school around within the few short months she has been there, I had personally gotten a letter from her accomplishing me on my academic goals throughout the year. I couldn't have imagined not going to LE I love it here and wouldn't take back one second of it!
We love LE High School! Our son is thriving there. The only complaint I really have is there is no other musical options other than marching band. It would be nice to have other options like piano or orchestra. Our son quit band all together because he didn't like marching band. He would've gladly continued with orchestra or enrolled in piano or guitar instead.
The teachers are pretty scattered. Some of them I love, and there are some that I wish would work anywhere else. There is security everywhere, so feels pretty prison-ish. The admin could not care less about mental health if they tried
Little Elm is a very particular school filled with students that are mostly extroverts. Although Little Elm High School provides many resources to its students, it doesn't realize the the main source of students getting and education starts with an involved teacher.
Little elm high school has helped me become and All A student. The options this school gives me is good.
Little Elm High School has a very diverse group of students that allows students to become accustomed to working with diversity. The amount of courses that are available to LEHS give students such a large amount of choices to choose from that will prepare them for their life ahead. The only thing I would change would be the 7:20 start time, which is sometimes very hard to wake up to.
My experience from the last 4 years have been very good. Everyday there is something new to learn. The school is into starting new things and helping start new clubs. The school lets everyone speak there minds and letting everyone be cared about.
I love that at Little Elm the employees make great relationships with you. As a student I was able to talk to any of my administrators or teacher whenever I needed to. They made me feel very safe and secure. Some things I would like to change is our debate program. We got the debate program my junior year and I was a captain. There was a lot of potential on our team, however, the natural gift that the debaters at my school had was never truly challenged due to the fact that our debate program didn't get much funding to get proper teaching and tournaments.
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Little Elm High School is a very good school. I believe there's a good amount of students there as well as classes. There's many different types of classes for students who like different things.
My overall experience with Little Elm High School, although rocky at first, has shaped me into the person I am now. I have learned a lot throughout the 4 years such as meeting new friends and letting go of toxic people, I learned how to be responsible, how to work with others and how to be independent. Little Elm High School gave me the experience of being a student-athlete which I am greatly thankful for. The mandatory practices and the late night games really showed me how to have self disciplined. It’s never been easy but never impossible. I learned how to time manage to the best of my ability. Although I have learned many great things, I am not satisfied with the person I am today, which will push me to work harder on becoming a better person than I am today.
My experience towards little elm high school was good and challenging but overall had a great 4 years.
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