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Little Cypress-Mauriceville (LCM) High School Reviews

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I have had an extremely positive experience at LCM. I transferred to the school to have more opportunities and I have had so many great memories from being involved in choir and UIL events. My teachers are so passionate and they all go the extra mile for each and every one of their students. I will consider so many of them fondly for the rest of my life because they have affected me so positively, and I don't think I've ever had a "bad" teacher.
However, one of the big problems with our school is that it is structured to get us college credit through online courses and partnerships rather than through AP courses, which somewhat hinders our quality of classes.
it’s a ok , it a very cleaned up school everyone who goes there is a smoker and there’s a really bad vaping problem there and a bunch of fights and most of the kids there stay in trouble
The school altogether has a really nice STEM program, they offer a multitude of ways to graduate early. But sometimes the classes seem to not be as productive as a normal class should be, I’ve gone to two different high schools and the other one was much more productive.
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It’s a pretty great school to go to compared to the others around the town. Great marching band, high in academics, and intense school spirit.
Little Cypress is an OK school. They try to make it seem like it's one of the best schools behavior wise but a lot of things are swept under the rug. Academic wise its a pretty good school- 90% of the teachers really care about the students and are really helpful. If you have a good head on your shoulders you will do just fine here. Pretty average high school. The fine arts and UIL programs are pretty exceptional here though that's one of the biggest standout things.
I really do enjoy the atmosphere of the my school, it is very new and we are so lucky to have it. I believe we have great school spirit and being there is usually always a blast. Our academics are pretty great.
I’ve attended LCM for my whole life. With the changes that were made in administration my junior year after Hurricane Harvey left the school rather disorganized. There was a dramatic change in school spirit and pride it became less focused on the individuals and competing to dominate in every event we could as a school. This was especially true in our academics we had several teams win state this year. I’m the captain of our debate team and can personally say I was much more excited to see how we placed as a speech team and excited for my teammates rather then how I placed as individual. The changes I would like to see are opportunities to expand our programs through funding from outside help though I understand this is largely due to the districts recovery from Hurricane Harvey and I’m sure the programs will expand in upcoming years.
It was okay it was the most fun I’d never wanna have again I learned a lot and went through even more I was dragged through hell but I made it out the fire and I will continue to press on little cypress was a great place I was king who was hated a man who was constantly held down by the man but always prevailed in the end
LCM is like a dream come true. We are extremely successful, in the business of making people jealous as our principal says. We have 7 consecutive district champ titles for UIL. Our band is currently 7th in state 4A. And our sports teams are off the hook! The people are amazing, the teachers are outstanding, and quite frankly, I couldn’t dream of going anywhere else.
Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School is the school I've known to love over my years of being a student. Throughout my years learning and developing at this gracious school, I have noticed many changes including the quality of the facility and education. LCM has a wonderful athletics program that is dedicated to mold the minds and bodies of young student athletes into champions. The morale of LCM has always remained as greatness and success for all in education as well as life.
As of right now the cool is under construction. So the campus is improving a little bit at a time. LCM has a good stem program. They will be adding a engineering cap stone project class which will be very exiting. As a whole LCM is a good public school.
I love how supportive the teachers are and our sports teams are very good as well as our clubs. Nothing really needs to be changed because we just got a bound and they are finishing up. Our new school is already looking amazing. The bathrooms are so clean and very spacious.
This school is truly one I will forever remember. From the Friday night lights to the basketball games filled with cheers, my high school experience will forever be one I cherish. Each year, teachers continue to push me to be my best and show me how to work as efficiently and be the best student I can be. These lessons that have been taught to me will stick with me for life. That is a reason I will recommend this school to someone who would like a fun filled high school experience.
A high-class high school that encourages and provides for the higher success of its students. My only issue is that all innovation comes from the in building staff as the superintendant is more preoccupied with making the school sound good than actually doing anything about it.
LCM was a great school to go to for educational reasons. I liked the teachers and the classes they taught there. I made many friends. I would have like to see the design of the school change when I went, but they are in the process of changing that right now.
Our school is very spirited and pushes students to do well academically and be involved in fun organizations.
Little Cypress Mauriceville is a well rounded school. The high school has became a STEM academy thanks to UT Tyler. They have begun many new programs such as the engineering one they have. The school is not amazing in sports but does go to state playoffs and usually gets to round 2 or 3 depending on the sport. The administration is good, but the high school councilors do lack in some parts of their job depending who you ask. Many students call the councilors, " DUMB!" and think they are useless.Yet overall the school is introducing new programs bringing in more teachers that are excellent, and replacing those that need to go, helping students get college ready by administrating the Texas college readiness test TSI, to all students at the high school, also the school is in the process of introducing college class to the freshmen and sophomores of the school. I would consider this school a Good overall school form every element.
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My experience at this school was great. I have many teachers and coaches I'm still in contact with and can go to for help. I made many friends and all the athletic teams I played helped me bond and learn leadership. Yes we did have our share of fights and annoyances but the good outweighs the bad. If I had to do it all over again I would and I'll take time to care about the little things. Maybe take spanish with Coach Palmer all 4 years instead of two, Join Key Club with Mr. Cox and just try harder in everything I do.
The teachers at my school are very helpful and knowledgeable. They are mostly there when we need them, and always encouraging us to do better. The grading skills are mostly consistent, although, they may get off track with a certain test every once in a while.
They could be more helpful and help the students that are following behind..
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