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Little Chute High School Reviews

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If given the chance, I would still chose little chute over any other high school in my area. The teachers and staff are absolutely amazing and helped me so much in everything I did. We didn’t just go to school to sit in a room all day and take notes, we had fun. From every pep rally and homecoming game, my high school career was one to remember
At Little Chute High School there are great teachers that care about students learning . There are many clubs and activities that Little Chute High School has to offer. Overall, Little Chute High School is a very safe and comfortable high school.
My experience at Little Chute High School has been very challenging but incredible. The school has changed over my years of being a student. The building was completely remodeled which is nice because there were areas designated for students to work quietly and comfortably. Recently there was a new class period added called "RTI" which are enrichment courses and I have seen my grades improve from this change. One of the challenges but good experiences at LCHS was the college classes offered. I think this is challenging because they are helping us prepare for our futures but the classes are often difficult and require a lot of time out of class to prepare and do well. Overall Little Chute High School has helped me become prepared for my future as a college student and I have build many memorable relationships with peers.
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I have had a good experience at LCHS. The school is small but I like that because you get to know most of the other students. The principal of the high school, Tony Bird is the best of the best. He is very involved, comes to extra carricular activities and cares for the students.
I've been attending this school since fourth grade. I have always liked the people I have been surounded by at this school. Personally, I have always felt encouraged to learn and grow as a person here. To me, that is beyond important.
I liked that most teachers knew who you were and you could form good relationships with them if you ever needed anything.
Little Chute High School is a unique place filled with lots of different people. I have been going here for 4 years now and wouldn't have gone anywhere else. The teachers and staff make sure your involved with either a sport or club of any sort. We include everyone during everything. LCHS offered me a great place to learn and meet new people everyday. It just feels like a 2nd family to me and I wouldn't want it to be any other way.
Though I have had some good experiences and there are a small hand-full of great teachers, my overall experience at LCHS/LCCPA has not been very good. If you happen to be in the LCCPA, many of the LCHS teachers and students discriminate against the charter school and treat them like they are worthless. Also, if you're family is not from Little Chute and/or you are poor, you will be treated unfairly and be discriminated against. I have also found this school to be sexist and racist on occasion.
Little Chute High School was a great experience in my life. The teachers there were amazing and really wanted the best for you. It was easy to get along with everyone, but there were a couple downsides. The soccer program was taken as a joke. Nobody cared about it, nor did the district try to care. Little Chute is a football heavy school, so it doesn’t surprise me that this happened. For our games we played at a park off school grounds, and we rarely had a trainer there for the games. The fields were never cut and they never tried to fix that. Overall the school was a great place but some help could go to the Soccer program as well.
Little Chute High School provides wonderful education. The teachers really want you to succeed in life.
I am a senior at this school and I wouldn't want to go to any other high school. I love how much all teachers and students care so much for one another and the academics are very strong and challenge the students.
This school is not very big compared to many others in the area, but there is a decent amount of diversity. The teachers are extremely nice and try to make school a safe and fun place for everyone. Sometimes the students tend to stay in their selected groups, but when it comes to school spirit everyone can come together as one to support each other.
I liked Little Chute High School because it felt very personalized. It is the only high school in a relatively small village near some big cities. Most people were nice there, but there were some glaring issues that were just never dealt with. The biggest issue for me is that our soccer team doesn't even play on the high school grounds. We played on a field at a local park. Soccer has been my life for a long time and so to me that seems like the school is saying that the program doesn't really matter to them. I hope that in the future this will change.
It was a good school and I made many good relationships there. Unfortunately I didn't feel that the school was run the best by the people on top as they often made questionable decisions. It would be nice to see better people put in at the top of the District to help the school progress.
Love LCHS! Great teachers that care about their students. Decent opportunities for sports and theater. Interesting charter school attached. Great students!
It's a great high school with many opportunities and growing every day. The teachers in every class are great at what they do with, and with the new referendum there will be chromebooks for every student.
Our school does a great job in preparing us for life after high school. Whether it may be attending college, or joining the workforce. They offer great amounts of extra help to prep us for things like the ACT, applying for schools, various standardized tests, etc.
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Our school counselors do a great job getting students the classes they want and need. The only case where there is scheduling trouble is when the term has already started and a student wants to drop classes. We have a wide variety of college courses that help us get a head started compared to students at other schools. We have to work hard to get good grades, but you need to work hard to succeed.
The social scene in Little Chute is very clique oriented. However, the cliques usually do not cause problems for each other, everyone gets along very well and accepts that people are different. Like any other high school there can be cases of bullying and peer pressure, however it is almost always resolved by itself.
Very many people are involved in extra-curricular activities, with the most popular being sports. Sports are very popular and if you are not an athlete you are a fan. However, if you are neither an athlete or a fan you are probably involved in the drama or music clubs. Athletes support the musicians and actors and the musicians and actors support the athletes. Many of the clubs and activities have a lot of time commitment but the students are willing to put in the time to represent our school in the best way possible.
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