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Little Black Pearl Arts Academy High School Reviews

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Little Black Pearl Art & Design high school Is a wonderful school. My experience with Little Black Pearl was amazing. I'm able to be myself like I'm at home because of the school environment. My school has alot of opportunities that I'm able to be a part of. I was able to grow and experience things since I've been there.
This school Is good to when You need or want to seek in a new opportunity such as internships and jobs. But being here can be a bit difficult and challenging if you hang with the wrong people but I feel that the only way you can survive is if you stay to your self and to have a few good friends and do your work because the work there is simple at times than other high schools. But if you are good at art or have any performing arts ability this school is for you But at the end of the day it like a family the staff is there for you and it is a small high school so you wont be just another number.
Not safe at all , we had a shooting last year around this time
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We don't have room in our school for anything extra
There were like 4 different riots. Kinda scared!
They are nice and helpful
the school can do better
not everyone feels safe at my school
all the students attend the after school prgrams
the parents are not involved unless the school calls a parent meeting
the teacher at little black pearl are great and are very welcoming to all students
my experience at this school was okay but kinda awful.
some teachers at my school are okay, some dont teach us anything which is stupid . But we have some teachers that teach us like one teacher name ms.mingo she teach us everything she one teacher who tries.
My experience at this school has been an okay one. Due to my interest in art and design its been an ideal work space. My favorite events include assemblies in which the student body performs and my glassblowing class. Not all schools have the various art and music classes we have so it's unique in reference to curriculum.
The teachers at this school are very supportive. They encourage you to be independent but also put you in a position to thrive in a group dynamic and work well with others. Since I attend an art school the teachers are extremely creative and talented. It's easy to understand their teaching styles but when you don't they make sure to be more clear until you understand fully.
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We learn alot in our classes and if someone misses a day we catch them up with the rest of the class. The classrooms aren't that huge so its easy to teach the class. Teachers individually talk to you about your grades and what you need to improve on.
We are very safe in this building. There are various of cameras everywhere, metal detectors and much more. We also have secret exit doors just in case.
The extra activities get students active and focused. The after school programs actually motivate students to want better for themselves. We have glass blowing after school, basketball and many more activities. The staff Also make sure everyone eats there
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