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I really liked how in this school, that when you had a question, the teacher would answer the question the best they could. I really like the principle of this year. He tries to help in any way.
Little axe had a very homey feeling to it and was a close-knit community. I loved having personalized relationships with my teachers and getting that one on one help. However, little axe ultimately needs more money to be a higher functioning school. While the close knit community vibe is great, I feel at times it creates a bias in the classroom.
I love the small community we have here at little axe and the great faculty and staff we have. It’s like a little family. However, some academics and facilities are limited due to the poor funding we receive.
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This is only my second year to attend Little Axe, but my three older siblings went there and say that it was an amazing school. I love it there, I have great friends, I am on the academic team, in the show choir, on the yearbook team, and in honors music and NHS.
I enjoy all of my teachers I have ever had. They help each student to understand the material gone over in class. If I ever have a problem with a class I can count on the teacher to help me individually.
I have gone to Little Axe Public Schools for 14 years, starting in pre-k and ending in my senior year. I feel like I am not incredibly prepared for the workload that I will receive in college. There is a lack of diversity. When our infamous racist incident happened, not even an assembly to address and denounce it occurred. It was disappointing. A few teachers here truly try to teach and care about their students, but others seem as if they are merely here for a paycheck.
When the kids need help the teachers are right there for them. when the students need someone to talk to they staff and teachers are right there by there sides.
Little Axe is a great place to go to school. I have been here my whole life and I have never wanted to leave.
Little Axe High School is a great school, it's continuing to become greater and there's very little I'd change about this school. I've went here all my life and I absolutely loved my experiences with everyone.
Little Axe is not a big school but they have a lot of people who actually care about your education. The student are involved in sports and showing to things. The place is just packed full of great people.
I have always attended Little Axe and it is not always the best. you dont get as much help as you need.
I love this school. I was never really good at making friends, but here they were so accepting of my intelligence and how I like solitude.
The staff was very friendly and helpful to me and others around, in and out of class. They would do anything possible to help in and out of the classroom.
Although the school is considerably small, most of the teachers are eager to see their students succeed and are willing to go above and beyond to see so. Likewise the enthusiasm for the school is like no other. There can be more diversity within the school because of its mostly white population and a better handle on serving students as a whole, but it remains a sufficient school.
I would like to see More classes for advanced students. Also more concern about bullying at the school.
Most of the students are mainly immature and not very great but for the most part I do sometimes enjoy the school because of the teachers and my friends.
I have attended Little Axe since step-up school. I have never had any desire to attend another school. I still remember the fun Friday's just as if it were yesterday. The school is a very close community. The memories are forever lasting, and I believe the teachers and administration has had a huge role in that. The teachers do truly care and believe in us students. To me, that means the world. I do wish we had more of a variety in choosing classes, however. I understand we are a very small school, with limited opportunities. Maybe just separating anatomy and physiology into two separate classes rather than one would make a huge difference. I do not feel they prepare us for college very well, I do take concurrent classes. That does help me prepare for the college experience. Overall, this school has had a great impact on my life. All though I am a senior, I will truly never forget the lasting imprint it has left me with. Once an Indian, always an Indian.
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The teachers here are very encouraging. They really care about the students no matter what. I have really enjoyed going here and would't trade this experience for anything else.
We have a few clubs, but not as many as we should have. And the ones we do have only a few people join them. But the people in them are very passionate about them. So overall, it's just okay.
Most of the parents at this school interact with all extracurricular activities the school holds. Sometimes clubs and organizations, but mostly athletic events. Our athlete's parents are kind of the foundation for a great interactive parent.
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