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LCS was a good experience. It was small and homely, and students knew each other as family. My graduating class was only around 20 people. Its a nice place to obtain a private education. The only downside is there is less access to extra curricular activities and technical training.
I love lititz Christians atmosphere. My class is not the nicest but the teachers are very supportiveness of me. I'd like to see less rude students
I have a daughter in High School. She is bright and I can say appropriately challenged at Lititz Christian. She has an opportunity to choose from multiple honors courses and as she advances, AP courses as well. The curriculum is offered in a loving, Christian environment where everyone is accepted and welcome.
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I’ve been going to Lititz Christian for 14 years. It is the only school I’ve ever attended in my lifetime and it is a big part of who I am. Unlike many other schools Lititz Christian is a very closely knit school. The teachers always have time to talk with you even if they’re busy juggling something else.
Lititz Christian is a wonderful school. The teachers are very kind, caring, and intelligent. They are always willing to help, and they strive to have personal relationships with their students. The small size of the school allows students to get to know each other very well, and many students have known each other from a very young age. The school has a good fine arts department, as well as several sports teams.
Lititz Christian is a very small, private school that encourages students to deepen their knowledge of Christianity. The teachers and staff are very friendly and connect with the students very well. This allows students to interact with their teachers and in turn, learn more efficiently. The only change that I would like to see for the school is higher level classes. Lititz Christian is a great school for anyone looking to learn in a small environment.
Other than athletics and student council, there are few clubs and organizations. This is most likely because of the small size-- there aren't enough students to fill out a multitude of clubs.
While many of my friends at college harp on the awful years they spent in high school, there is little I would change about my experience. Being practically raised at LCS (from preschool to graduation) I developed deep, lasting relationships with teachers, fellow classmates, and coaches. Over a year has passed since I graduated, and I still get emails from past teacher and go over to have dinner with my old coaches. Athletics dominated my high school career, so naturally many of my favorite experiences revolve around that area. The volleyball program is excellent. The coaches are knowledgeable, and make practices successful and productive without being slave drivers. The homecoming basketball games followed by the court was always highly anticipated. And naturally, the awards banquet at the end of each year was a fantastic way to highlight and cap that year's seasons.
The majority of the teachers at LCS are incredibly invested in their students lives. While they are authority figures in the classroom, outside the confines of class hours, they often become mentors and life coaches. They are very understanding when more important matters of life get in the way of school work.
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