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Lithonia Middle School Reviews

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Maybe it was just because I was in middle school, but Lithonia Middle was definitely not my favorite school. The teachers there weren’t able to control the classes and only a certain amount of teachers actually taught. I have to say that 6th grade was my favorite year because my teachers did everything a teacher was supposed to do. I had a nice relationship with all my teachers, they helped when I needed it, and that was the last time I ever enjoyed going to school. In general, LMS wasn’t the greatest school, but I can’t say it’s the school entirely. The students you associate yourself with also makes you more motivated to go to school, whether by them helping you in class or just having someone to talk to in class. Lithonia High School was a good 3 out of 5.
There is a gym and a field in the back
The teachers were very nice, understanding, knowledgeable, helpful etc...
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There was no pressure ever, everyone was accepted for who they were.
There weren't many clubs when I went there, but everyone was involved.
The school is very safe. It is a small private school, nothing bad ever happened there.
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