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The teacher are very helpful and they care about the students.
The basketball team is awesome they have gone to the Final Four for several years.
Lithonia hasn’t been bad at all, but what I can say is that the food does need improvement that really goes for the whole county. There hasn’t been any real problems the school continues to improve each year.
Lithonia Highschool it’s all I’ve ever known . Its not the most perfect school of them all but it sure does help you get to where you want to be .
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Lithonia has teachers who really care about students’ education, albeit that some of the students don’t have respect or school spirit; then again that’s your average high school. On the bright side, Lithonia High School really has teachers who are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and helping their students the best way they know how.
For me Lithonia is an easy place to be if you take education serious and take pride in what you do. Although you are faced with fights, teachers who dont teach all the time, and distractions you have to take it upon yourself to get what you need and stay focused. The only thing I would change about Lithonia is to have more oppurtunities and do more fun things.
My experience at Lithonia High School has been great during these past 3 years. One thing I would recommend is more rigorous course work. Teachers and administration are very supportive when it comes to helping the students. My participation in the sports teams has shown that it is more than just a team, it's a family. I would recommend going to Lithonia high school.
There are good teachers and coaches however the administrators are more concerned about how students dress and if they are in class than the actual well being of the students
LHS is not the worst school but it's not the best. There's a lack of resources as well as lack of teachers. There was also many times where there were rats roaming in the cafeteria. In addition, there were many instances were we were put on Level 3 lockdowns because of violence or intruders.
I like how the school started to get active with school plays, announcing games, charity events, etc. They recently started doing talent and fashion shows in the auditorium.
During my time at Lithonia High school I enjoyed the school spirit and my teachers and their support to keep persevering so that I could succeed. I also like the friends I made at my school and the academic opportunities offered to me, as well as other students. What I wish could change were the fights that would occur at times and the fact that the restrooms were always closed.
I love the fact that they make everyone feel welcomed and create a safe environment. There are various clubs that you can be involved in. You can even run for the queen of your grade level.
I like how well put together their sports teams are but, i would like them to challenge students more. They really lack rigor and that is an issue. Parents also aren’t involved at the school so school functions are not up to par either. Lithonia’s clubs are great all around.
Not the best school but not the worst school either. Just averaged. If you go to class, do your work then you can graduate.
I think they should be organized but that’s pretty much it. It was a good school, and the teachers there really care for your education. Well, most of them at-least. There’s always going to be them teachers that don’t.
Lithonia High School is a school with so many opportunities for students. And also the teachers are absolutely caring and wants nothing but the best for each student. I had such an amazing experience as a student there. LHS Go Bulldogs!!!!!!!
Lithonia Highschool has some very helpful and dedicated teachers. The administration however, needs to be improved.
My time bring at Lithonia High School I have developed wonderful relationships with some of my peers and my teachers. The school has its ups and downs but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world. I really loved being apart of their band program for all four years of high school , the band is the best thing that ever happened to me. I developed friendships that became family.
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I appreciate the Faculty and Staff that actually care about our future, and I would hope that students that are going to attend this school in the future will get the same guidance. The only thing I would change is the organization of things such as, having schedules in order and making things flow more smoothly.
I love Lithonia High School. I'm involved in a couple of different clubs and I'm on the dance team. The fatality and staff care about the students. We just need more parent involvement at the school
It's an ok school could be better. My geometry teacher is not that helpful so you have to learn mostly on your own to really understand something but other than that it's been fine so far. The 10th grade counselor is very nice and will help you with anything.
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