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Lithia Springs Comprehensive High School Reviews

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My time at Lithia Springs High School was a good experience. I enjoyed the people I met and the extra-curricular activities I participated in. Sports was one of the highlights of my whole high school experience.
Overall, my experience at Lithia Springs High School was pretty good. I made a lot of friends and it was fun at times. It looked very bad at first but I was impressed at the way they renovated lots of areas of the school. The school had some good teachers also.
I like the community that being at Lithia brings. As part of the STEM program, I would say that the community feelings is probably because of being in the program. What needs to change is the fact that some of the teachers know what they are teaching but lack teaching skills to communicate and actually teach the material. But the teachers that do know how to communicate the material well do such a good job. They have a professor feel to them. At LSHS, you can make your own club, talk to any teacher without an issue, and get an average education but the sense of community is a lot better here than anywhere else.
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My experience in high school was great because the school was getting ready for the real world and college. The teachers were helpful to students that would help them be prepared for the next level of education. I’m so happy that I have a great opportunity to be one the best students at the school.
This school is on the up and up. In my 9th grade year, it was your average high school. Going into my senior year its a totally different environment
Lithia Springs High School is a great highschool overall. I really like their STEM program and majoriylty of the teaches and students there. I just believe that maybe allowing the STEM students be able to converse with other students outside of STEM more often will really be an improvement to see in the school.
It is alright, but there is a lot of improvement to been done about the school and about how situations are handled.
I mostly liked the teachers, they were awesome and I learned so much for that school and it made me better prepared for college.
My experience in Lithia is fairly new and probably will change as time goes by. But I have noticed that this school lacks many resources and needs major upgrades. Many of the computers are not functioning or are in bad shape. The text books are not in good shape and most seem to be very old. There isn’t a lot of diversity in this school but it’s not like most in the county. The students are very carefree and most don’t care for their education. The staff is incredible and is very good at motiving students. Although, it’s very common to see students under the influence of drugs.
When I transferred to Lithia Springs high school, I thought it was a generic everyday high school at first , but the further i got into the school year the more I learned how diverse and caring the student body and teacher staff are towards the school.
Lithia spring high school is a very diverse school full of amazing people to meet . We have many clubs such as Spanish honor society,FCA,French honor society,gravity games,track,basketball,soccer,and tennis. These clubs help enrich students' social skills.
Lithia Springs High was certainly an experience. Being in the STEM program and MCJROTC brought a lot of opportunities to lead and engage in activities that prepared me for the next step in education.
At first I was very apprehensive about going here but i thrived in academics. I made life long friends from sports and chorus. I was well prepared for college in English and science. Some of the best years of my life.
Lithia Springs High School is a good school with some really good teachers. This school is best for those who have an interest about doing something STEM related. The school looks really nice and has a good environment for learning.
I really like how nice the teachers are and how the teachers care about your well being. I also like the STEM program that I have been in scince freshmen year. I made a lot of friends and it has helped me to be exposed to STEM field and created oppurtunities for me to learn about the Biomedical field.
Lithia Springs High is very diverse and has a good learning environment. The teachers here care about your success.
My school is overall pretty great. There isn't really much I would change about it. The atmosphere is very friendly and family orientated. I would only change the cramped halls, but that's common in many other high schools. Since this school has so many cultures, it brings more learn experiences. With an overall review, the athletic department is great along with fine arts department.
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Lithia Springs is a pretty decent school. I feel like the administrators could be a bit more lenient. I enjoyed my high school days here but it is nothing special.
Lithia Springs High school has had their ups and downs since before I came and been at the school.Teachers and staff are nice and cheerful.We had a few altercations at school and been on the news a couple of times since I been here.But otherwise Lithia was a nice school
This school is definitely good for those who are interested in anything that’s STEM related. This school does provide a lot of opportunities and advantages for students. It is really diverse and it’s not that bad at all. It’s a really good and safe place to learn at.
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