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I have been very impressed with our family’s experience at LLT. The teachers and staff not only prepare students for academic success, but they encourage students to be effective and caring leaders. I’ve never visited a school where I’ve been greeted so kindly by students from all grade levels; these same students treat school property with the same respect that they treat staff and visitors. The use of technology in the classroom is great, and students can connect from everywhere. I love that tachers encourage parents to be active in their child’s activities and classwork. Perhaps most of all, I love that there is NO HOMEWORK! Finally, we can have family time every day after school instead of being stressed over busywork. My only wish is that they would offer free/reduced lunch and foreign language in elementary grades. However, I will gladly give these things up for a quality education and safe campus.
Hi! I am a student at LLT and I would like to say that LLT has a lot of good qualities, but if you want to go there make sure you have enough money for a couple extra things like field trips.
LLT Academy works along side of the local authorities to insure the students are safe.
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The after school activities are a wide range of choices.
The teachers and administration work hand in hand to continuing to do what is best for the students.
The teachers are student focused. Each student is taught on their own level. Each teacher teaches to their own strengths.
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