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The teachers care about your goals and want you to succeed. The one complaint I have is the uniforms for high school students. It makes sense for the lower levels, but it's just absurd for high schoolers. It seems like just another way Ms. Beyer is trying to control the student's lives
This was the first school I went to since I moved here from Iraq. I started in 2nd grade and went to elementary, middle, and high school all through this school. I learned a lot through here. When I first moved here, I didn't know much English so it was hard for me to communicate and make friends but the school helped me not feel left out. I never felt like the odd man out, I was always included and I felt welcomed which made me more comfortable talking and making my english much better.
Good people and staff, good academics and good teachers who care about student success and work hard to help students achieve that success.
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I’ve had a good experience so far throughout my time at Literacy First Charter School, but I wish we had more teachers that really went into depth with us!
I recently graduated from this school and while it is small it lacks nothing. This school took me from below grade level math to above in 2 years. In one year I learned how to write at a college level essays. In about a month I learned how to write proffessonal emails, fill out a resume and how to apply for a job. Because of its small scale its impossible to become a lost face. Most of the kids that go here statred in kindergarten and go the full 13 years to graduate. Many high school senoirs go the uc schools on schorships. Sevearal students over the years have gotton full rides for sports. Students can get one on one help from teachers no problem. Teachers take notice of students and wil advance them or help them get advanced by taking the time (no matter how much) to make sure they get better. Nothing is impossible at this school.
Literacy First is the best place to be. The school focuses on building character and developing relationships in each of the students. It is a school where everyone is known and loved. LFCS is a place that strives for more than just excellence in the classroom, but in life.
The sense of community is great as the school is fairly small. Everyone knows everyone, teachers are reliable and are actually caring for the betterment of your success. There is no bullying and the school does have a lot of events that bring the community closer.
I love the parent involvement here and small class sizes. Definitely an atmosphere of adults who really care for kids. Parents are willing to volunteer and donate makes for a great learning environment.
It is nice going to a school where all the teachers know you and care about your development. However, the school is unable to offer many sports or big activities due to its small size.
Really nice people and the teachers will help you with everything. Almost no bullying at all. My only complaint would be that there's no other field other than a baseball field.
Amazing school- as being a junior at the high school, and going there for 12 years I can tell you that the school has a great curriculum with great teachers to teach them.
Bullying goes on outside of school and if the school hears about it the people are confronted and consequences are discussed. Because people can only get through the front office, the overall safety is good. We have an unarmed security person that goes around the school on the golf cart. The police are just a phone call away but there are usually some police just roaming around the neighborhood. The school nurse usually isn't around so the ladies in the office take charge of injuries.
The quality of the teachers all depends on the learning styles and abilities of the students so we are able to classify who we think is a good or bad teacher. Higher level math is taught in the form of flipped classroom while the other courses are taught normally or uniquely depending on the teacher. The teachers are all graduates and know what they are doing in their own classroom. They are very interested in students and make sure that students are succeeding or have a plan to succeed. Communication is good and some teachers use apps like the remind app to text students reminders of the homework. Grading depends on the teacher's schedule because some are coaches of our sports teams or have families to take care of so it all varies from teacher to teacher.
There is definitely some bullying that happens outside of school and if this is taken to the principal that's when action is taken. Safety is good because it is a closed campus so the only way to get in is through the front office. We have someone on campus that is in charge of security by going around the campus on the golf cart. The school nurse isn't usually present so one of the ladies in the front office takes care of injuries. Overall the school is very safe because at the high school this year they stopped allowing visitors to come in during lunch because last year there were many old students that kept coming back to visit during lunch and it became a distraction to the people they were visiting.
Thr quality of the teachers is very high as I have heard the teachers go through interviews without principal and she does all the choosing. The teachers all care for the students and our needs so we come first. There are of course to some people good teachers and to some, bad teachers, it all depends on your unique learning abilities and styles. Their overall quality of knowledge is great because they all know what they are doing however one or two could use some work. The teachers are great at communication because they say what the homework is at the end and announce it to everyone to make sure they all write it down or use different apps to text students about the assignments. The teaching style for higher level math teachers is flipped classroom but every other classroom is taught the normal way with reading out of the textbook and being assigned homework. The grading depends on the teachers because some have families to take care of, or others are going to school again so it all depends on the teacher and their schedule.
Sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football, baseball, and softball. There is also robotics in which they build robots and compete against other schools in competitions. Clubs this year are: Christian club, anime club, fellowship of Christian athletes, and the National Honor Society. Teachers are willing to sponsor any group or club that asks them. At the middle school campus there are music clubs, a Christian club, soccer and lacrosse clinics, and football, soccer, and basketball teams.
Attending this school was a big change, especially because I was used to not wearing uniforms. My favorite experiences are with the helpful staff and smaller amount class mates. I would choose this school again because of the overall positive surroundings, small amount of students so the teacher can really tend to others needs, and the uniforms. I can't imagine waking up every day contemplating what I'm gonna wear, instead, I already know the rules to the dress code and simply have to scoop wearing a colored polo with no logo and a choice of khaki or navy bottoms.
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The campus my son attends is K-3rd grade. So for things like performances they travel to one of our other campuses. The campus is adequate to meet the needs of the students which it serves. They have a nice playground, lunch area, and a garden which the students get to work in. Everything seems well maintained, and I especially appreciate the air conditioning on hot days.
We are only two years in, but I have been very happy with both teachers that we've had. All of the teachers at LFCS seem to be really good at what they do, and genuinely care about the long term success of our students. Not only in academics, but in life as well.
We love LFCS! I love how invested the staff is in the lives of their students. I love that they instill good character qualities in our kids. They not only are getting a quality education, but are part of a family. I feel like my children are getting a private school education at a public school price. I could not be more grateful for the team of people leading this wonderful school.