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Litchville-Marion High School Reviews

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Overall it's a pretty great school. The small size makes one-on-one with the teachers more accessible, which is great. I would like to see senior privileges back though.
The food is awesome. The teachers participate n homecoming week activities and have a dance off. All my classmates get along. Teachers are very helpful.
Some problems with bullying, but that's everywhere
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If people need special food, they bring their own.
Low participation because of travel distance.
Everyone works hard to ensure that students work.
Small school so few, but good, options.
Our policies are very good, but they are not followed through entirely.
This is an okay small school. It probably would be better if there were a few more students.
It is a pretty safe school.
Teachers are usually available to give extra help.
We share basketball, football, wrestling, track, golf with another school (LaMoure High School). We share girls volleyball with another smaller school (Montpelier). We have pretty good student involvement with the volleyball program, but not the other programs because we are such a small school.
Everyone knows everyone and most ad friends. There are groups that people usually hang out with but the groups are open and anyone is welcome.
The school dress code is good in some areas, but in other areas the dress code is dumb.
Most of the teachers here are great. Most are super friendly and you can go to talk to them about anything.
There is not much for clubs and organizations. There a few music options, and maybe a couple more.
There isn't much for options at our school. There are college classes over ITV and those aren't bad, but the range of choices could be better.
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There isn't much were we are at. We don't have much or anything at all for violence or drugs in our school.
The school is great. Most of the teachers become your friends, and they put a lot of time into helping you do great. It's a small school so everyone knows everyone, and most of them are your friends. It's been a great experience!
The food is great! There are few meals that I don't like. Close to all of the food is homemade. That is what makes it so great!
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