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Litchfield Senior High School Reviews

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Litchfield's band is one of the best in the state. Without even participating in band, I know it is held to high expectations and strict performance. Overall its a decent school.
I have loved my experience at Litchfield High School! I feel because of this school I am ready for my future career.
I loved my experience at Litchfield High school! Though my schooling experience I feel prepared for my future career.
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I transfer to this Litchfield High School for my junior year and it been pretty good. The teachers push the student hard to do good and help us to get ready for college or a path we want to take. The student at the school are not rude or mean to anyone, everyone gets along and is kind. the people here really were helpful in getting me situated at my new school.
I like many of the school's teachers and classes. Not all of the students were kind and willing to expand their group of friends. It would be nice to see the cliques not be such a problem.
I loved Litchfield High School! My teachers greatly helped to give me a wonderful experience and education
The teachers have a passion for teaching the students, especially in the college courses, they really care about the students' futures.
Litchfield was a good school! I liked how small it was and you knew just about everyone! They had some pretty great teachers!
For the most part, the teachers here care about you and want to succeed. The coaches try hard and do the best with what they are given. Food is below average. Has potential to be a very good school.
It's a small school where everyone knows everyone, and there is no physical bullying, but some of the teachers aren't very good.
Though a small school in a relatively small town, the students at Litchfield Senior High School are very privileged in opportunities given. Class difficulty ranges and teachers are willing to help every student.
My experience at Litchfield Senior High School has been interesting. To help see things differently, I used to attend a different high school until I transferred to here. At Litchfield, we get the opportunity to have open lunch. Also, five minutes between classes helped extremely with the feeling of some freedom. Having a small school store that sold healthy and delicious snacks made each and every day at high school much more bearable. My overall experience at Litchfield Senior High School was plenty of ups and downs. When factoring out the high school drama and focusing solely upon the educational purposes, the experience was a positive one.
They offer a great class selection that is giving me a good jump start on my college career. The marching band program is a great one.
This school has offered me many great opportunities in life. Sports and leadership programs have excelled me in planning for my future. This school has also offered a wide variety of college level classes that enable me to earn college credits while still attending high school. The student life is active, although since it is a smaller school, sometimes the drama between students becomes a barrier. All in all, however, I wouldn't have chosen to go to a different school.
Fun and everyone knows each other.
Overall Litchfield is a wonderful school with supportive teaching staff. We also have a wonderful technology initiative in our schools and a supportive community
I love our choir program. It's also a nice size, so you can be involved in lots of things and it's not competitive to get to be on a sports team, everyone has a chance.
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I had a great experience being a part of Litchfield High School. I have lived in the town my entire life and in the future I want my kids to live here too.
The guidance counselors are both friendly and helpful.
There are a lot of really great teachers, but also some not-so-great teachers.
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