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Litchfield Senior High School Reviews

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I really love how friendly the staff and other people are here at this school. I have experienced 3 schools in my high school career total and this one is a great one.
What I liked about Litchfield Senior High School was that it was smaller in size so the classes were not always huge. One thing that I did not like about Litchfield High School was that we always had teachers coming and going in different subjects so we were always have to make adjustments to that.
Litchfield senior high school is one of few schools in the area that is in very good shape. The school has had updates and improvements to the facility and school safety policies. There are still a few updates I would love to see in the school community, however the school is in very great shape. The faculty is—for the most part—very helpful and caring. Overall a great school!
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High school is where I believe you make your mark. I try very hard to make mine. I am involved in multiple clubs that my school allows, I am involved in sports, and I am very involved in my community. I want to be known in the community as someone who is ready to help. My school is the way I am able to do that. LHS has amazing teachers who are willing to go above and beyond for you. We have a safe campus, and we have great curriculum. LHS may be the best in my book.
Litchfield Senior High is a good place to send your child to recieve a good education. This school offers a lot of opportunities for students to strive in school, with AP classes offered, and multiple college level classes.
Over the years I have been here, many things have changed, not all in a good way. We constantly are having teachers fired and new teachers hired, it is never consistent. However, the teachers that do stay are very good and kind.
The people at Litchfield High School are very friendly and the teachers work very hard to ensure that every student is learning and benefitting from their class.
Teachers do not care, parents dont care, students are mean. Poor education. Do not prepare you for college.
Litchfield senior high school has a good variety of classes to choose from. There are many different science classes which is what I liked about it. There are many different clubs and sports to choose from also.
Litchfield High school is a school in a small town in Illinois. The thing I like best in the school is our grading scale. An F is below 70, a D is 70-76, a C is 77-85, a B is 86-93, and an A is 94-100. I like this grading scale because it's not the usual 10 point scale, and helps us work harder for the better grades we want.
Litchfield Senior High School uses Apple Macbooks for one to one technology usage for all students 9-12. Teachers in the high school know how to use this technology and are very good at using it for school purposes. I think some improvements that the school could make is to increase the security system at the main doors, and improve the school lunch program.
There would probably be more activities if more faculty were willing to serve as advisors.
Many teachers go above and beyond and really inspire students to learn. there are a few (close to retirement age) that appear to have already "checked out" and are going through the motions. Perhaps they are just burned out, but sadly some of them are teaching core classes.
These policies appear to be adequate.
The administration is focused on helping the average and below-average students (the majority of the student body) have positive outcomes, which is a noble focus. Unfortunately, it is at the expense of the academically gifted student, who are a small percentage of the student population. Very recently the administration did not want to spend the money to hire a science teacher who was qualified to teach dual-credit courses and instead wanted to use the money to fully fund sports and extra-curricular activities which had been self-funded at that point. The situation was finally resolved and a compromise reached where a science teacher with a Master's degree was eventually hired, but it required school board members strongly advocating for the gifted students in order to accomplish this.
It's not a bad school. I'd do it again.
I wish parents would get more involved. ... If they would I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more.
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Teachers like Mr. Scobbie are great they need to get more in there like him.
The safety is okay I guess even though there isnt much they do, but the school overall isnt very clean. You find a lot of bugs, dirt, etc throughout the building.
There are quite a couple extra curricular activities to participate in them. But sports are very expensive and they are very time consuming.
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