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The school is good, better than most others, but I just wish it'd start later, like most other students also do. The food, clubs, teaching methods, and teachers are all atleast ok, but the time it starts gives me a headache, even though it's the normal time that most schools start.
The Language Arts "team" is nothing but a clicke. If you question them about the way they do things they gang up on you. They act as if they are always right and you are beneath them and have no right to question them. LMS is a horrible school. The town is not much better. If you want to live in a nice town with good schools, move to Bedford. Litchfield is a low class town with a few nice houses.
There are the teachers who sit through class giving power points where you could never attend class but review for 20 minutes and ace a test. Scheduling was incredibly, might I say again incredibly messed up this year because the school rushed a new system. Being a senior I couldn't access my grades till after First Quarter! The teachers like to stack work so that one week you could have no work but the next there are essays and projects for every class. There are some dedicated teachers that do their best to keep class engaging and entertaining. They deserve a shout out so Ms. Brown, Mr. Pereault, Ms. Paris, Mr. Flynn, Mrs. Angelini, Mrs. Gneagy ( who won FACS teacher of the year for all of NH) and some others, though they stand out the most
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There are way to many drug issues with little to no repercussions that's the only bad thing but no one can be perfect. Other than that the nurse is great and there is a resource officer. The actual feeling of safety is phenomenal. There is a faculty member named "Cornell" that greets every single student practically by name making sure everyone seems okay. All of the doors are locked and if students open them without teacher permission there are very strict consequences. Things like unknown people being in the school have yet to occur (and may they never). Fights are rare and end quickly.
There are a good amount of students involved in at least some extracurricular activity. There are groups that are very well funded such as the football team and track team but there are others that are more on the fly with poor leadership and structure.
Again like the teachers there is good and bad. There are way to many field trips that are totally not necessary which disrupt classroom time. There are some great events however, like spring fest and spirit week that bring everyone together. There are some great classes and lessons to learn but sometimes you need to seek them out. The one thing that takes away one of the stars is how bad they are with emergencies and snow. The days that are horrific there is school and the days its sunny with light snow they cancel because they previously didn't close school for the prior. Also there are noxious gasses, water leeks and my favorite ceiling fires in the wood shop where the principal announces " There is a slight fire in the wood shop. We will now go into an evacuation procedure." They should have not wasted that time and just pulled the alarm because all that did was cause panic throughout the students.
We have teachers of all levels. There are some teachers that are extremely active and involved in wanting the students to succeed. However, There are some teachers that are just not fit for the school. Most of the teachers have a great knowledge of their fields. We have a chemistry teacher who had worked for Monsanto, an engineering teacher, named Scott Blackstone, who had much success as a business and engineering man and other teachers who had much success in their field. However, this means that some of the teachers don't know how to properly communicate and teach the students being that they were never taught to teach.
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