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Litchfield Middle School Reviews

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Many good clubs and groups to join, I do feel that its always about WINNING and not just about playing as a team and having fun. Many kids drop out of sports as they get in 10th grade as they don't get play time if they aren't the best. That has always been a bad subject for me.
My daughter has been lucky and has always gotten along with all school administration and the counselors are the best and very helpful.
They used to have more dances and social activities, that has changed. It would of been nice to see semi formal dances for homecoming and sno week, instead they just don't have dances any longer. Its too bad.
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I feel she is going to be very prepared for her next step, college. WE toured many schools and the one she choose she felt, "just fits". She is ready to kick butt!
This school has welcomed my daughters friend who has downs syndrome and kept her in with the kids and not had her being treated any different than the other kids, the kids are a huge part of this but if not for the school officials it wouldn't of been as easy, her parents were huge on keeping her mainstreamed. I have always felt that I could contact the principal and assistant principal and any questions were answered. I like the face that the staff has always loved my daughter and I feel like they listen when I have had any concerns. It's a good school system.
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