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Litchfield Middle School Reviews

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It was a good preparatory school for high school - the honors courses were mostly great, but the general education was seriously lacking.
2015 still in crappy old swing space. But they are currently building new Firestone-Litchfield building that looks great.
Always had some great teachers. Overall quality improved with the new principal. But they all care and strive to make the kids independent learners. Not just tests...but skills my child will take to high school.
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Okay for a public middle school.
Really caring folks that are all focused on a positive learning environment. Disrupt that and pay consequences. Be a good kid, demonstrate you make good decisions and get nearly unlimited freedom.
Both my kids finished in top 3 at the school. They were academically challenged. Had fun in extracurriculars. Grew in maturity. And found their tribe. The teachers genuinely care; and the Principal and her staff are great. I can't wait to see what they do as an IB school.
Great for a public school. Teachers invest the time to allow kids to do STEM events, History Day, Geo Bee, Science Fair, and there's a very strong arts program. This year band, jazz band, orchestra and choir all placed in a contest in Sandusky and then got to go to Cedar Point. Would like to see more grant funding to really support the teachers in their efforts.
School has a bad reputation. But the Principal and other staff really have things under control. Good kids get tons of freedom and privileges. And the school is pretty mellow overall. Racist parents keep the bad press alive, but I've had two kids do wonderfully here.
Urban school. Many kids of varying ethnic and economic backgrounds.
Caring staff. Provide deep breadth of academically challenging classes and extracurriculars. Daughter able to take high school French/Math and play Viola and Soccer.
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