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I chose to attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney to study Agricultural Business. High school prepared me pretty well for college. I was unsure at first about moving away from my hometown and all of my friends but I knew that UNK was the right choice for me. I also felt fairly well prepared for the "real world" after high school. The teachers at my high school were very realistic about what the "real world" was going to be like for us students.
I absolutely loved Litchfield High School! This high school was very small so there were about ten kids in each class. The atmosphere at Litchfield was so amazing. You couldn't ask for nicer kids and more helpful faculty members. You never had to worry about not having a friend or someone to lean on. Some of my favorite experiences came from playing various sports. One of the most special things about playing sports was having the support of the whole community. This high school is so unique because of all the kind people that not only attend this school but are in the community around the school. If I could go back, I definitely would! There wouldn't be a place where I would rather go.
Students can get away with a lot at my school depending on the teacher but it should not just be one teacher who enforces most of the rules. Detention isn't working for most students because they don't care. I hope the policies can be enforced better.
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I gave my experience at my school an A+ because all the people/students here are great. We laugh and have a very good time plus all the teachers are really helpful. They will help you with anything. This is the beauty of living in a small school.
I give the health and safety policies at my school a B+ because my school handles all skirmishes really well but there is no school nurse and luckily no one as gotten hurt but I guess most of the teachers are volunteer EMTs so that helps.
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