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Litchfield High School Reviews

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It was the average high school experience. Their were cliques and times that I felt like I didn't belong, but the teachers were nice and for a small school, it was obvious that they were trying.
My experience at Litchfield High School was truly unforgettable. Going to a the size of Litchfield has been one of the most beneficial things to me in furthering my schooling. You grow real close and gain great relationships with not only your classmates, but also your teachers and other staff members. You can always rely on anybody to be there for you no matter the circumstance.
Not a school I’d recommend. It used to be great, went downhill a few years back. Trying to dig out of a huge mess a past Superintendent/Principal causes. Maybe with the upward trend they are on it’ll continue in the years to come.
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academics are average you get the main classes to graduate but I go to a vocational tech center
I don't use the schools resources other than to do my own school work other than that if I need help I ask teachers
we have no potential dangers that ik of at this school
I don't eat school lunch that much I usually bring my own lunch from home but I usually get something off the menu if its something I like but I usually get lunch from home
I don't have a lot to say about this topic but its home.
I have gone to this school my whole life and I can honestly say were like a big family here I don't notice any bullying and I am not a bully. The teachers do everything in there power to help me as a student and prepare me for the future.
My school has serious bullying problem. Kids are not safe to give away any secrets nor are they free to be themselves around others. My teacher's are very cautious and aware when it comes to their students safety.
Each and everyone of my teachers are dedicated to teach and keep their students on the right track to their future.
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