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Overall, the school is fine. It's very small with about 200 students. It's in a mostly wealthy town. Most of the teachers are fine and because of the size of the school everyone is able to do the sports they're interested in. They aren't a fan of actually using the heating and AC units all around the school so it's incredibly cold in winter, but you aren't allowed to bring a blanket or anything, and in the summer it is extremely hot in most classrooms except for the library. They removed French from the curriculum, which screwed over myself and a lot of other students. The guidance staff is alright, they're good for college advice I guess but their emotional counseling is abysmal. A positive is that if you are interested in starting a club, they make the process very easy for you, as well as joining any active clubs. A lot of the teachers, specifically math and science, aren't good at actually teaching. They don't fully explain concepts and give tests the day after starting to teach.
The teachers are very helpful and supportive of their students both in and out of the classroom. They are also very passionate about their professions, which reflects in their teaching styles. For the small size of the school, Litchfield offers a wide range of courses for students to take, including courses at the AP level. The environment of the school is safe and friendly, making any and every student feel safe. Overall, Litchfield High School is a great place to be, both academically and socially.
I thought is was a good experience although some of the teachers were extremely bias to certain students which made work very hard. Sports are fun and have great school spirit.
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Teachers are mostly all good, caring, and fair. The Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball programs get the most attention, no matter how well the other teams are doing. They are glorified which leads some of them to develop egotistical attitudes and leads to a lessened school spirit as a result. The administration feeds into this broken system and in a small school it’s hard to not be affected by this culture. However, if you find a good group of friends then you can enjoy the school. The academics are very good. The building design is very impractical and crowded. There is only one floor for grades 7-12.
If I could redo the experience I would be interested in a larger school with more to do but the experience is ok. Sometimes the town will make us teenagers feel bored and depressed. The school will prepare you for college I think and the experience is very much what you make of it. Overall, the experience leaves something to be desired and has me very excited to go to college.
Very academically strong school. Very little diversity and culture. But, good clubs, good art/music programs and overall, great classes available for students interested in a wide variety of topics.
I would like to see more school spirit from the administration. This would help student morale and a natural concern for all students. The school is quite small so it would not be difficult
Great School, Unbelievable teachers, and very good athletic programs. It is a nice and quiet school with plenty of good faculty to help you get past any hurdles you might have to graduate.
LHS is great for academics and college readiness but the students are very cliquey. Most teachers are great and focus on analysis and critical thinking to help us in the real world.
Although I struggled interpersonally at Litchfield High School, I really did have an amazing experience there. Litchfield is extremely small, and therefore I got to know my teachers better than any of my friends at their schools did. In fact, I still keep in touch with many of my teachers from Litchfield and actively use several non-academic lessons I learned from interacting with them in my daily life to this day.
One of my concerns about Litchfield High School is its lack of racial/ethnic diversity, however. As a multiracial student, I felt unaccounted for in a lot of ways by the Litchfield community. Part of this issue is, of course, that Litchfield lacks diversity as a town in the first place. Still, I think Litchfield High School should put more emphasis on diversity, political awareness, and social justice.
It's overall an alright school. It's better than most. Generally, it's okay, but the students have no freedom at all. No phone usage. Cannot leave for lunch. Etc.
I was a student at Litchfield High School for my entire high school career. However, the administration has just began making changes like implementing new and exciting programs. I completed high school by enrolling in the legacy program which was offered during my senior year. It was the best advancement Litchfield High School has made in the 6 years I have been there. I wish they made more programs available to students when I was enrolled there, but I am glad the they are finally beginning to now.
Litchfield High School has amazing academics with dedicated students and teachers, but also, as a student, I see the students are generally unhappy due to the judgmental atmosphere. The school is predominantly white but everyone is open to new people and ideas.
I had originally came from Waterbury which was almost an impoverished part of Connecticut. After seeing my dad work day and night to have us leave, I was extremely appreciative. After going to Litchfield, I received more attention and kindness than I could have ever asked for from teachers and students alike.
Litchfield High School is a relatively good school. We have brand new labtops which are touch screen (they act as excellent resources). We have a really fantastic gym and the architecture of the school is interesting. I went from Waterbury to Litchfield, and I was initially amazed on how everyone respects their teachers and does their work. The coursework is rigorous and many of the teachers care about how students interact within the community. If I were capable of changing one problem with the school, it would definitely be textbooks. Many of the textbooks, especially the math textbooks are outdated and the new textbooks are online (I hate online textbooks).
For a small school, LHS has a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities. There are many different sports teams, there are volunteer groups, science clubs, art clubs, and more! The school has an Acts of kindness club that focuses on spreading kindness and acceptance. It also has an active student counsil. Administration support is abundant and many teachers are more than willing to help students with their clubs and organizations.
The high school is small, but has a very strong sense of community. Being a part of this high school really is like being part of a family. Most everyone is very supportive and its faculty are commited to seeing their students succeed and be happy. They do their best to make it a fun learning environement and many of them volunteer at outside activities. This school is unique because of it's genuine interest in its student's wellbeing. I would certainly choose this school again if I had to do it all over because I had so many wonderful experiences there.
The teacher's at this school really want their students to succeed. They offer extra help and most of them are very passionate about the subject that they teach. They are a great resource.
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Just ok. Many other opportunities should be offered to students.
Not terrible by any means but could be improved upon - particularly teachers who are passionate about their vocation.
Have no complaints re any area of safety in this school.
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