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My entire family went through Lisle schools, as did I. The teachers and staff are great and growing up in the Lisle school district created amazing memories. It is a smaller school, so it was great being able to get to know every teacher and student on a personal level, and I feel grateful to have been able to graduate from this school.
Its a small school and I really like that but unless you are a favorite by a staff, it can be a little hard to succeed here. Of course there are many opportunities because its a small school so you can play a sport and join a club but theres a lot of picking favorites and unless you are an extrovert and get along with people well, this school is like any other high school.
It consists of an amazing group of students that were passionate about going to school everyday. I had a great experience attending school here and we were provided with many opportunities whether it was extracurriculars or AP courses.
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Lisle High School has a small graduation class with a little over 120 students in the graduating class of 2020. More people are able to try out for various sports in the fall, winter, and spring, and the average class size is about 20 students. The teachers are able to dedicate more time to help their struggling students. However, the school consumes too much energy powering TVs that other people do not watch often.
I am a student at lisle high school and I can say it has its pros and cons. The staff tries their best with handling their student and some teachers are questionable. Lisle offers a little bit of everything for everyone. Since it is a small school, under 500 kids in the whole school, so you can expect it to not have a lot of activities. kids will be kids, so you can't really control what they do and that's one of the cons of this school. parents are involved and have been involved for years since they usually have multiple kids going to school here or going to be or have been here.
Lisle High School is a small school; only about five hundred students total. The school got listed as one of the best schools in the state. This is true. Most of the teachers are extremely helpful, friendly, and care about their students. As a senior there, I know I can turn to a trusted teacher. There are lots of oppritunites, from boy's and girl's sports, to art club, math team and theatre. Staff, and especially other students, encourage you to sign up for a sport, club, or activity if you have a chance. I've gotten closer to so many people because of it. The staff is encouraging, there's always someone to turn to. During homecoming week, everyone gets involved and the pep rallys are very fun.
Overall the school has a smaller class size which makes interaction with teachers very easy and helpful. Every teacher cares about their students indefinitely and wishes to see them do their best. I did not feel as if some of the teachers, though, were putting in their best effort to make sure we understood and learned the materials. Unfortunately that was the one problematic and least helpful parts of this high school.
It’s a great school for your child or future high school student to attend. Teachers are great one on one but when they are in the class room it is dependent on the teacher.
Lisle High School is smaller than most schools in the area. This provides students with more opportunities for one on one help and creates a close-knit community within the school. Attending school here sets students up to succeed after graduation.
It is such a tight-knit school which is great because you are able to do all kinds of activities and get to know everybody. Most of the teachers are amazing here and you really make great connections. However, the student body is not very diverse and if you are not part of a certain group of people then you feel left out of everything.
Lisle Senior High School is an amazing school. Everyone is very accepting of every individual. We learn, as well as have fun, and we are challenged everyday.
I’ve learned a lot from Lisle High School. They have a very good program and plenty of very good teachers. I’ve enjoyed my last four years here and hope others will enjoy it too.
The counsellors do not pay much attention to the students. Also, the teachers have the students read books that may be inappropriate for children at younger ages as Freshman year we read a book with a person holding his phallus. Then, as to college readiness, they are setting everyone up to fail. If you hand in a test with just your name on it, you receive a 50%. On any homework assignment, you also receive late credit up to 50%; even taking a test or turning in a summative project in late will allow you to receive a 90% credit the week after it is due.
The school district including all the teachers and staff members are very helpful and knowledgeable.
The sense of community that they gave everyone, the motto was “one pride”. The teachers cared about each student and tried to get the best out of everyone.
I would like to see volleyball added for boysbut otger than that my school is amazing. The teachers really help you through not only school but you’re own lives. It’s teally heartwarming and you get to get to know all your classmates well since our school isn’t the biggest.
Not a wide variety of classes to take- by senior year I felt as though I didn't have many options. Teachers were alright, some had better curriculum than others. Compared to others I've talked to about their high school experience, the limited classes really bothers me. I have friends telling me about their law classes and conspiracy classes at other public schools, not college prep. I just wanted more out of it, but hey, that's what college is about. The clubs, sports, and activities offered were all very interesting and made high school a lot more enjoyable. Some of the best memories I have from that time of my life were French field trips after school and sports games of many kinds. There was a good sense of togetherness and our school felt united.
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Lisle high school is a fairly good school with teachers who seem to care about the student's well-being, and since the school is small enough, the students have better chances at getting to develop a good relationship with their teachers and they have better chances to have things explained to them personally.
I would however change the amount of screen time the students have throughout the day. I would also discontinue the Summative Formative system taking over the grading system. Some rules would be changed too, for example the "no backpacks in the classroom" rule, or the tardy policy, and the locking of all of the doors in the mornings, which forces the students to walk through the main entrance instead of the location where their cars are parked, which could be on the complete opposite side of the building.
Lisle High School is a great high school with a lot of extracurricular activities. It’s very fun attending this school. However, I’d like to see more opportunities for disabled children. We do have a lot for the small size of our school, but we could still improve.
I liked Lisle High School because it is small and easy to have a connection with the teachers. The teachers make sure that we actually understand what we are learning and trying our best. I do notice that some teachers tend to have favorites and will focus more on helping those kids than others. I believe that everyone should be given the same opportunity. The lunches at our school are average. The cleanliness of the bathrooms are average, but not spectacular. The principal is very friendly and has a connection with the students, which is amazing. Many teachers are super friendly and always say "hi" in the hallway. Overall, Lisle High School is nice because it is supported by a tight community.
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