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I liked how I was able to get along with all the teachers. I would like to change the way some teachers approach their grading style.
Where to even start! I have learned so much in the past 5 years here in Lisbon. All of the teachers are so nice and when you need extra help on something they are there to help you. You couldn't ask for a better school than Lisbon. I love the classes that I have taken. What is also very cool that we do, is that we do running start so you're basically a college student at White Mountains Community College and the credits you get are able to be transferred to almost every college that you want to go to. It is such a small town so almost everyone knows everyone. Our guidance teacher is the best you could ever ask for. She has so much on her plate but she always makes time to help the students out if they need to know anything about college or when someone is feeling down she is there to give her support. Overall, I have loved every second of my time here. Even though this is my senior year and I'm anxious to go I am still going to miss all of my friends and teachers. Time goes by fast.
I love my teachers here at Lisbon, they know what they are doing! I’ve been in Lisbon since 7th grade and now I’m a senior and I have to say it’s been a tremendous time. The only thing that I would like to fix is to make the students branch out somehow and be friends with different people with different personalities instead of them staying in their same friend group all those years they’ve been there. Overall I’ve had some good years here at Lisbon!
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This school has gone down hill immensely, even in the short time since I graduated in 2016. This school needs to get it together and start to bring the education first and do something about the drugs and other issues in that school. Shameful how they handle issues there
Underfunded, underpaid teachers who don't seem to care about students. Everyone cares more about sports than real education. Staff doesn't know how to handle difficult kids.
Quality education in a k-12 setting. Could benefit from added diversity and a wider variety of classes but in such a small setting it is understandable if that isn't possible.
My children were both well prepared for college following their graduation from Lisbon Regional School. The ability to take Running Start classes and enter college with many credits is saving us money. Completing the sophomore and senior projects benefited my children. When they got to college they saw other students struggling to complete a 5 to 10 page paper. My children were easily able to complete assignments like these. The staff were committed to making sure that my children were successful.
Not the best around. I think that there are a lot of improvements that can be made, but it takes money and time to do.
I think that because we are so small we don't have as many extracurriculars. We do have a gamesters and a CHAT club, as well as origami and knitting club. They are small in attendence. I think that the sports definatly have the biggest turnout.
Lisbon is just like every other school, it has it's ups and downs. I had a great time being a three sport athlete, but at the same time we are a small school so I only had three sports to choose from. Lisbon is a good community overall. In the past few years the community support has gone down increasingly. I think that out of the surrounding schools, I wouldn't want to graduate anywhere other than Lisbon. We have had the best learning experience before the new grading system.
I have some teachers that are amazing and are really good at what they do. We also have the teachers that sit on their laptop during class and hand out packets. The strongest teachers at our school are probably in the elementary. The high school is lacking in the great teacher department. The grading system has made the consistency in the grading very hard because it is all to teacher discretion.
My child is always put into groups with other students that need his help to pass. Teachers often leave students, like mine that have a grasp on the competencies, bored so they can help students that fall behind. I have asked the principal for other course options that might challenge my child but was refused.
The biggest bullies at the school are the teachers.
Unless you are in sports don't bother.
I have found it very difficult to get information from my students teachers and or Principal. It has been a struggle to arrange meetings with them and when I do I never get a straight answer or any help for my child.
Teachers demean the students on a daily basis. They have perverted their new Standard Based grading system to subjectively grade students not based on what they know but on if they like them or their family.
I think our school is very safe. We do not have metal detectors or anything like that, but I always feel safe here.
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Considering how small our school is there are several opportunities when it comes to extracurricular activities.
I would not choose a different school if I could do it all over again because we have a very close knit community where everyone cares about each other. No matter the programs a student is involved in, he or she will have a good support system.
All the teachers truly care about their students and wants each one to succeed, as long as the student puts in the effort and want to succeed themselves.
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