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I overall had a good time with Lisbon High school. As long as you got your work done on time and completed to the best of your ability, it was easy to get through.
Lisbon offers a multitude of clubs and sports outside of school. The new STEM labs ar becoming increasingly popular in schools today, and Lisbon is on the high end for STEM related studies.
For a public school, Lisbon High School is pretty nice compared to other schools around the community. Lisbon High School offers 71 academic courses and provides students with a variety of extracurricular activities and groups. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. At LHS, you get a positive and productive learning atmosphere. There isn't anything I would change about Lisbon High School.
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This is high school is pretty typical for rural North Dakota. Everyone knows each which is nice. There is always opportunities to succeed in this school. Whether it would be going to a peer or an adult, everyone is willing to help. The only bad thing is that with it being so small (40-50 per grade), it is often difficult to get away from the same thing everyday whether it is good or bad. The clubs and activities here are great and give every student a chance to succeed in them. Lisbon High School is very tightly knit and everyone just wants each other to succeed in every aspect of life.
Lisbon High School is very good about getting studets ready for their future. Classes are inclusive, and challenging when they need to be. The staff truly cares about the success of the students both oersonally and professionally. The school food does not taste very good, but it meets the nutritional guidelines that are required. Overall, LHS does a great job at preparing students for their futures through academics, and extracuricular activities.
My experience with Lisbon High School has been great! The staff here is very welcoming and friendly to all the students and is always willing to help anyone in need! The students are equally as fun to be around! What I like about my school is that we offer lots of sports and extracurricular activities for all types of students to enjoy! We also offer a variety of classes that fit everyone's wants. I would like to see more of our high school students to get more involved in our extracurricular activities in the future! They are a great way to be involved and active in the school. From my experience, being in three sports and four other activities, has helped me grow as a person and find out what I enjoy doing!
Lisbon High was a school of only 200 kids in a 95% white community. There was hardly any diversity and or different cultural experiences. It was a very one minded way school in that aspect.
Faculty and teaching skills were average enough to get us by for four years. I do believe that smaller schools are left out of learning more advanced classes due to the lack of resources.
Everyone at LHS is welcoming and easy going. The staff is very accommodating to different needs and make sure everyone feels welcome. Although the diversity isn't the richest, the school will always make you feel at home and is made up for in many ways. There are many clubs and organizations available for anyone to join! Also, there are many different classes that fit any personality. I would highly recommend LHS to anyone wanting to attend.
I have not had very many good experiences in this school. There is a lot of negativity. I get many vibes that teachers don't care.
Most teachers so the minimal possible. They will help if you ask, but usually aren't too enthusiastic about it.
At our school everyone knows everyone else so rumors spread quickly. There is a lot of bullying that goes on not so much because someone has a different color skin, but because they actually have a different opinion.
My school is really big on sports, and we are very competitive because of that. However, it doesn't seem to matter to anyone whether or not a student/athlete is doing horrible in class until he is ineligible to play.
We have a lot of clubs/extracurriculars that anyone can get involved in from drama to football. However, our school is a little more sports oriented so the other clubs sometimes suffer because they have to come after all the sports.
Some things such as our counselor and some teachers are great, but there are other things that are really bad such as teachers bullying kids, not enforcing the dress code, and the quality of our lunches.
I have took some colleges classes already.
They should give us different food or try new things.
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