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Lisbon is a small school, so it is nice to get time for one-on-one with teachers all the way through. However, I feel like some classes were not as challenging as they could be, and certain staff are unfit for a small community such as ours.
The administration worked well with me to offer opportunities that would not be available elsewhere.
What I love most about Lisbon High School is that the teachers are always willing to help you out with anything. Does not matter if it is school related or not. What I also really love about Lisbon is the small school environment. How you know everyone when you are walking through the halls. I do not have many complaints about Lisbon High School, but if there was one thing I could change it would be preparing students a lot more for college than they do.
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I love the atmosphere of my school. There aren't really any defined "groups" of people such as nerds, jocks, goths, geeks, etc. While obviously many people fit into these categories they all interact with each other seamlessly; everybody is welcomed with bullying at a minimum.
Lisbon is heavily dominated by white people, but different ethnic group are welcomed with open arms.
As a guy with experience, male sports are extremely competitive consisting of great teams members and coaches who push each other to be the best they can be.
For academics, my school is fairly decent. We have a few great teachers, and then we also have a few poor teachers who are kind of push-overs. The school could also use a little more effort in areas of advanced classes and honors programs.
A huge benefit of going to Lisbon is our school's willingness to lend MacBook's out to their students for the entirety of the school year as long a each student agrees to the terms of use and takes care of their own.
I enjoyed growing up in the Lisbon Community but it is very small and people and teachers are very judgmental. People here are not used to big places and open minds. Teachers are helpful.
We have the basic classes needed, but I do like how we added different P.E. options. I do wish we had a better foreign language program and offered more than just Spanish. I do appreciate how the school pushes the kids to do college courses in high school - and they pay for it and provide us with dual credit!
We have a variety of clubs and organizations, and we do a good job for being a small school. If there is not a sport offered such as cross country, tennis or soccer, they allow students to go to MV to participate in those sports as a Lisbon-Mount Vernon team.
Some teachers go above and beyond with a true passion for what the students do, but there are some who sit back and let class be a study hall and do not actually teach.
We have fire drills, tornado drills, and we even had a session on school shooting preparation/intervention. The school nurse is awesome, and the school does as much as it can to prevent bullying.
This school has become a second home to me, while other kids dread going to their school, Lisbon has become a wonderful place filled with teachers and staff members that treat me like family and area always there to help. I would choose this school again if I were given the choice, and I would like to thank Lisbon for all of the wonderful experiences through job shadows, guest speakers, their music program, and small-school environment that has allowed me to come as far as I have with my education.
Lisbon has a strong sports program with Wrestling State Champions too numerous to list, and a football program that 3 years ago won the state title. Lisbon also partners with neighboring schools for some of the sports we don't have the people or facilities to field on our own.
Lisbon is an example of polar opposites. It has a bunch of teachers who are really knowledgable, really effective and interesting to the students that really care. Unfortunately there are some teachers that do not care as much, that have poor connections with students, lack consistent grading practices don't seem like they want to be there. Lisbon also unfortunately seems to push away the better teachers mainly due to the low salary they seem to be getting.
There is a huge opportunity for extracurriculars at Lisbon. Due to it's small size, you can do pretty much as many things as you want. From a plethora of sports to choose from to Band, Choir, plays and musicals and Speech, its a great environment. It is worth noting, however, that the student body tends to lean toward Wrestling and there tends to be miscommunication and lack of respect for extracurriculars that deal more in the Fine Arts among the student body.
Lots of sports to participate in, athletic department is good.
School driving permit restrictions should be adjusted. If a student has good grades and represents Lisbon well in a variety of activities, they should be allowed to have a school permit, even if they don't live 1 mile away.
Anti-bullying measures are in place, but not well carried out; health program is good.
The science center lacked an educational atmosphere.
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-The school has a great technology department. Each student is given a Mac Apple laptop.
-I like that the school has concurrent enrollment with Kirkwood Community College in which you can take college level courses in High School to get credit at that college.
-The system in which students sign up for next years class is poor. It's not always clear which classes are required and it's not uncommon to be placed in classes in which you never signed up for.

They are people...only human...they are okay
Going to a small school allows for students to participate in a variety of sports, clubs, and organizations. Though we do not have much to work with, I think the school is doing a descent job giving us the opportunities we need to have a fun and successful high school experience.
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