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I enjoyed the staff but when faced with a problem, administration wasn’t the best with dealing with problems. Poor discipline. Enjoyed being at school everyday though.
The teachers are rather dreary, a change of culture is needed. Most of the teachers are very snappy and lack energy. the very few that are interactive with their students earn the most respect from their students. Sports are very impressive though.
Lisbon High School does not care about their students, they don't follow the rules they place. Not once in my life, have I ever experienced such a terrible school system
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I really felt like my teachers cared about my education and did everything in their power to help me succeed.
The school needs to add more real life classes.
Most kids do not know about loans, check books, cooking and everyday life skills. It’s pretty sad.
School itself is fine and easy.
Bullying is an issue that should be addressed in a different way as the current one doesn’t seem to work but who am I? Just a student.
It wasn't too bad some teachers don't really know how to teach but others were great. The best times about high school weren't in school though.
Faculty is very supportive of students and there is resources provided to help students with success. The sports are great as well as the community. The school could work on better academic classes to provide students with however. It would also be more helpful if the schoo weighted grades based on students who are enrolled in more rigorous courses such as honors or AP classes.
I enjoyed my time at Lisbon. I was able to excel in my academics and be prepare for college early on. The teachers were very helpful and I had many resources. We have a number of clubs you can join, and if you have an idea on to create one, your offer will most likely be accepted!
The teachers and staff here have always been dedicated to giving us the best education possible. As well as the coaches always supporting you on and off the field/track/ court. Both teachers and coaches have pushed me to be the best that I can and I am very thankful for the time they have put into teaching and guiding me these past four years.
My time at Lisbon High School was not that bad. A majority of the school is old and in need of serious upkeep (excluding the new gym). A majority of the problems in the school are due to a lack of funds curiosity of the town council, those being: large classes, lack of resources for students, shortage of teachers, and lack luster after school activities. The only way for the school to really improve is additional funds allocated for school personnel .
I attended Lisbon High School for all 4 years of high school. I excelled in my academics and on the football field. I am a member of the National Honor Society and was selected to receive the Senator George Mitchell scholarship upon completion of my first semester of college. Lisbon High School prepared me to be able to continue playing football at the collegiate level and I was recently named to the Dean's list for the fall semester. I should also credit Lisbon High with preparing me to be able to score 1200+ on my SATs which allowed me to take advanced courses my freshman year of college.
My experience with Lisbon is that they are underfunded, unsupportive of all sports, and favoritism. However, the community is very involved, the teachers care, and there are motivated students.
I liked the courses, the teachers, the supports. The prom was a memory of a lifetime. The food was a bonus.
The only reason I can rate this school with a good amount of stars is because they have a brand new gym. Before that it was terrible.
I liked Lisbon High School because it was welcoming when I moved their my junior year. It is a small community and everyone knows each other.
The scheduling is awful and there are very few AP classes available. It's impossible to fit even most of the classes you want or that challenge you because there are always conflicts.
Not very diverse, and people are quick to pick out others if they don't meet a certain social standard.
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Some clubs like drama club are great. The only sports team that is really funded is the football team.
The academics are good I wish we could freely learn what we want to rather than being bound down by government opinions of education.
I do NOT feel safe at this school.
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