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Lisbon Central School Reviews

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The school is good the facility are nice and for the most part is a well rounded school I’m glad I got to go here everybody knows everybody which isn’t always a good thing and they’ve addressed the bullying problem
Lots of clubs for the students
I also went to school here
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We offer a few sports and a few after school clubs.
Our school has taken action in preventing bullying and keeping everybody safe.
I would never repeat this experience if I had a choice. I hate going to school here. It's full of judgement, favoritism, and is overall an environment that would not willingly be apart of.
For the most part, what we have learned in school so far will not help me in any real life situations. The lessons are boring and they aren't ever useful.
LCS is a very small closely knit school. Growing up there I have been able to connect with teachers in a way other students at larger schools can't. Overall its a great school to learn and grow up in.
the people were nice once you got to know them and you can easily fit right in.
The teachers are very nice.
The school is getting to be outdated.
There are like 2 fights a year.
All the teachers know what they are talking about most of the time and will always stay after to help you.
There are a lot of sports to play but not much else to do.
Depending on a students schedule they can use the school computer lab and school library for research or school assignments. The school is a clean place due to a great custodial staff there.
Our school is all sports, everyone there loves it. Even though we don't have much for sports to take part in other than the three common ones, the school makes it appoint to have school mergers for those students that want to play track and football somewhere else. The equipment there is very highly maintained.
The teachers are nice and caring and help students with anything. There are a few teachers that scare students because of how strict they are but other than that the teachers couldn't be better. They let students participate and help the shy ones try to participate. They don't judge the student here.
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Students there are bullied but not physically just verbally. basically if their hair isn't the right way or they don't dress like everyone else or are shy they get made fun of. Sometime students are just ignored but other students. The staff and school is very safe, nobody is very physically violent and the teachers and staff are against all bullying, yet most of them don't see it.
I was bullied from third grade to tenth grade and never really told anyone. Finally I had a few friends say I needed to talk to someone and I was scared, but the minute I talked to someone it became better and my junior year was actually better than a lot of other school years. Lisbon has given me many more opportunities though and the staff treats everyone right.
There's nothing really wrong with the dress code, all the students follow it. The guy's tend to not like the no hats policy because they don't understand it. But other than that nobody really complains about it.
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