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After reading the other reviews, almost all points I could make would be redundant. One thing I will say - Do not count on the administration. They are entirely uninterested in their students, as this would use time and resources. Instead, containment is their ultimate goal, and they won't inform you of any of it. Untrustworthy, unprofessional, and damaging to the students.
the school is entirely run by people who only think about their wallets and image to the state, the facility doesn't care about the students or their academic aspirations in the future, unfortunately, the only good thing that is in the school was the support team and mental help I got at the time. When discipline is administered it comes down like a hammer. But the worst thing of all is the academics, I went into high school unprepared and the school was could not provide much information into the school, but at least I got out of there.
Services are horrible, administration only cares for themselves and whatever profits they can siphon from parents, which is sadly true for mostly all American schools, and faculty does nothing to help students, unless minority quota is possible.
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As a student, Lisbon is an awesome school. The teachers here are the best I’ve ever had if I’m honest.
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