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Lisa Academy North High School Reviews

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Well although lisa is a very academic school it dosen't offer or care to offer more creative electives although lisa acadamy is very involved with it's student it isn't a very concerned with anything other than academics and sometimes sports or clubs which a very limited.
I admired how much they valued their students’ education and how they take the time out to make sure students have the right utensils in order to succeed. I also liked that Lisa allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. Because it is a very small school, it gives people a greater opportunity to branch out. I was able to be leader of some clubs that I would have never would have been leader over if I didn’t go to LISA academy. Although sometimes, I feel a little disappointed when I don’t get to experience the big things like football games, I’m glad that I went to this school and experienced things like winning a statewide coding competition or help raising funds for the building of a solar car. Finally, due to a small student population, I got to develop close relationships that I know I will value forever!
Lisa North is a school that has really good academics and a relatively diverse pool of students, but the athletic side is lacking and the student count is very small.
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I've been at Lisa Academy North since I was in the 6th grade and now i'm a senior. I can say I did not like attending here at first, but once my parents and teachers got me to realize how great the academics was and the teachers I started to want better for my education . I have not once had a teacher that doesn't care about their students learning ability and skills. There is so much diversity and culture throughout the school and it's amazing to see. My experience here has been great especially since I've added basketball to my agenda. The only thing I would want to get better about Lisa Academy is the sports department should get more attention than it already does
Lisa Academy North High is very good academically, many of the teachers are very helpful, going over homework and making sure the material everyone understands the material that is taught in class. In addition, there are many afterschool programs that the school offers so that a student can find something that interests them. However, the school lacks in athletics. Only having a basketball team and a track team as the major athletics a student can participate in is very constraining but there have been recent efforts to bring in more sports such as improving the girl's volleyball team and trying to create a soccer team. Changes that I would personally like to see are more freedom in dressing, and a better traffic system.
My daughter went there from the time it opened. She got a great education, and is a National Merit Scholar. She got to experience the wonderful diversity of the student and staff body as well . The teachers and admin work hard with students to prepare them for college success! There are clubs such as National Honor Society and Quiz Bowl, and more. There is a parent club, but it can be hard to get parents interested to attend (at any school, parents work a lot of course). They have had graduates attend ivy-league colleges if that's what the goal was. I'd recommend this school to anyone interested in a great STEM education or a great general HS education.
Believe me, the school is very great! The only problem is that the school is pretty small tends to have favoritism towards certain students. But hopefully everything will change once the new high school is opened the 19-20 school year.
I've been going to LISA North since the sixth grade and now I am a senior. I really enjoyed going to school. People are extremely welcoming and close. We're like a family. I'm a huge introvert, but in LISA I never feel left out. The teachers genuinely care about you and are willing to help. There's a lot of test prep and homework, but everything is helpful. If you are really into sports, there's not much of it but if you want to do get awards for science, history, math, or english there are many opportunities to do so which looks good when applying for college. They really prep you for college. We have many fun field trips and activities throughout the school year.
LISA Academy North is a very diverse high school with both students and teachers from all different walks of life. It places academics above all else and is a great choice for those really focused on learning more and being ready for college. With such a small number of students, you won't often be bothered by rowdy classmates. This does have a downside though, as it means not many different classes are available on campus. It also means that few sports teams are available to be joined. Overall, it's a high school without any of the problems of a larger, more traditional experience.
I am currently a high school senior at LISA Academy North, and have been enrolled since 2012. Each year the school grows with more and more students. The small classroom environment (20-30) students at least in each classroom is great for 1-on-1 teacher-student time. The teachers are always willing to help a student when needed, EVERY TIME. It's amazing. This school always wants the best for the students. My senior class, 98% of it already got accepted to college with the help of this school and its amazing educational benefits. I love it here in all honesty. Great teachers and enviroment.
I enjoyed my 4 years there. The only things I would like to see change are an increase in the school spirit. Other than that the academics are great and they truly care about their student!
I've attended Lisa Academy North since I was in 8th grade. These past four years have been a wonderful experience, I will now be entering my senior year there. Of course, all schools have their pros and cons. At Lisa Academy you will receive a lot of homework which is helpful since it's a College prep school, unlike other schools where they focus on sports, arts, etc. Lisa Academy isn't good sport wise, but they are tremendously amazing at teaching their students how to prepare for college!
Overall, I had a good experience at LISA Academy North High School! It was a small school, so there was a small student-teacher ratio, which was nice. They also had club time in the afternoon which was a time when students could go to their teachers for tutoring in their various courses.

I would like to see the overall workload improved, though. As a student, I felt overwhelmed a significant amount of the time that I was a student there. I would go to school and then be loaded down with hours and hours of homework. I know that they have to prepare you for college, but as a third year college student now, I've never had as much homework throughout college as I did when I was in high school.
Lisa Academy North is a small K-12 charter school with an amazing staff. One benefit of going to Lisa Academy North is the small class sizes. My AP-Computer Principals class is 18 students to one teacher. While one of my english classes is 10:1.
I loved the atmosphere at LISA, but it could be difficult at times because teachers leave a lot. There is a huge focus on college readiness and standardized testing.
The teachers are very knowledgeable the technology uses smart boards and power points. However, the internet goes in and out all school year. This caused a problem with online classes and blackboard assignment and chatting with your instructors.
Acceptance into the advanced class or separated into the other classes within that grade.
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Most of the teachers are from Europe so Turkish is the culture associated with the school. There is a Turkish and Spanish dance club. You will receive chances to attend college fairs. The only goal within the school score higher on test for more funding. As a result, they would test the students for almost every test the could find that would increase the funding to improve their technology. So all after school activities help the student prepare for the next test, increase the students vocabulary, and prepare each student for a college focused future.
I think the point of view of academics and outside activities should be balanced for all students. I would like more support from teachers to students. The administrators look appealing to parents but do not convey a balanced effort to help the other non-Advanced Placed students excel.
I think the teachers are focused on making their class advance and the student that do not meet this requirement will not be helped. All student are expected to excel in every (s.t.e.m) science, technology, engineering,and mathematics subject for example all subjects and organizations are based on your intelligence and not skills used outside of the academic world.
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