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Lisa Academy is a very college prep school, so their main focus to prepare you for college whether that be taking the ACT and applying for college and scholarships.
I went there all middle school and some high school before i moved . LISA is such a great school all the way around
What I liked about Lisa Academy was the connection all the students had at times when it’s needed. The things that I would like see change is the diversity.
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When they help us out with our work and when we with our grades. When they want us to do something and they will make us do something .They want us to be like college students and they will treats like college students and they we take notes like them and they helps us out to apply for a college .
I really grew to love Lisa. It is on the small side but I like it, there's less traffic in hallways and staircases, classrooms are smaller making it easier for teachers to focus on needs of each student and It is very diverse. there is nothing now that I would change about Lisa, if this was the younger me I would complain about having to wear uniform but I have grown to like it.
I really like Lisa west high school. I have been there for two years, all the staffs and teachers are really helpful. Lisa academy has a safe environment. They have a lot of sports, clubs, and activities. The best thing about the school that I like the most is how they make the kids ready for college. Lisa academy is diverse.
Lisa Academy West High is a school that - through personal experience - I have discovered to be a mediocre extension of the already less-than-stellar LRSD school district. Lisa is a school that prides itself in the "golden boys/girls" of the school, facilitating academic aid and guidance, whilst the rest fall behind. In layman terms, the school is much more focused on upholding its depreciating reputation rather than lifting the whole.
The classes were not large so teachers could focus on the individuals needs. Also the faculty is very kind and will help if help is needed. All of the teachers are eager to teach the students about their class and do it in a great manner. Overall my experience in Lisa Academy was very good.
What I like about Lisa Academy High is that the teachers are very caring when it comes to help with all work. Help apply to jobs, college applications, community service hours anything that you need help on they will help. Something that I would change about Lisa Academy High is really nothing. You have a good variety of activities to do during the school year. As far as the students they are okay but what I would refer is to stay to yourself and focus more on whats important and that's your education.
I have attended LISA Academy West High School for the past 2 years and I am now an arising junior this coming school year. My experience here at LISA has been such a joyful yet difficult ride. The academics are a bit overwhelming but this school was made for the purpose of college readiness, so the difficulty level is expected and understood. However, I do believe that there is room for improvement. There are times that I feel the staff can be very biased toward students that excels in certain areas within certain academics. I feel that teachers and administrators give up too easily on those that do not show as much potential as those that are above the academic requirements. I hope to see more awareness and attention on those that are truly trying their best in striving for a better education in the near future.
My son loves this school! I really appreciate the care and attention the teacher express for their students. Every teacher he has ever has kept in contact with me and emails me to let me know class updates. I would definitely recommend this school!
They put securly on all the computers which hurts the student's ability to access harmless websites

EX: bing,yahoo,soundcloud,calculator websites,news articles which have restricted words.
LISA is a small school. Students get to have more time with teachers and this is helpful because when they need a letter of recommendation most of the teachers will know the students personally. Everyone is very friendly. However due to the size not a lot of courses offer here. The only two language class that available are Spanish and Turkish.
My experience has been very interesting, they're all about academics, ever since I came here in 6th grade it's always been like that. The teachers are readying us for college.
It's a great school. The teachers really care about the students. The student body is very diverse and the school is safe. I feel the school prepares students for the rigors of college life.
The teachers here offer a vast variety of cultural background, and this is reflected in their commitment and understanding of students. The school is able to work more closely with students than some traditional districts and schools. In addition, they’re able to offer different, interesting clubs and activities (such as Turkish and an eSports team). Community involvement and giving back is one of the most fundamental ideals here. They truly stand by their four pillars: Learn, Innovate, Support, and Achieve.
LISA Academy is a small school and I believe it is better for my child. She is able to learn more and really enjoys the school. The teachers take their time explaining things and making sure she understands the work.
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LISA Academy isnt the worst in Arkansas but it also isnt the best. The academics are good the AP courses are really challenging. They are really hard on students to get test scores and good ACT scores. They award the students whom met the requirements. The cleaning staff could be better we often have to tell janitor we need soap or tissue in the bathrooms. The school does have a lot of leaking and pest problems. LISA focuses only on STEM if something isnt Stem focused we often have to push harder for event to get approved. Sports team have to fundraise or pay out of pocket in order to have uniforms. LISA Academy tries to be very strict on the students which takes the enjoyment out of high school. This isnt your typical high in my opinion its worse. Theres no freedom here and have many many rules.
Lisa Academy is a good school for academics, you make friends and have a close bond with your class.
I love LISA, because it is very small. It has taught me college readiness throughout its courses. We also have an amazing college counselor that we just received this year that has helped me so much.
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