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I liked that Lipan is a small school and that most students have been in the same classes together since pre-k. Unfortunately since Lipan is a small school we are not offered a large variety of classes offered at larger schools. Lipan teachers and faculty care a lot about their students and will do anything to help students succeed. Lipan also is a safe school. Lipan does not have any issues with drugs, gangs, or violence.
Small enough school to know everyone, but big enough to have the same opportunities as larger schools
If it's not a sport, we don't have it. The after-school program tries to create clubs, but nobody wants to do them. The school starting doing an archery team after school, but it's poor quality. (I know because I used to do a lot of competition shooting). I'm thankful that we have a drama club, but every year we have to scour the school for members to join. It's usually just four or five who end up wanting do it and we have to confine the play numbers to the amount of people we have. Other than that, no art. No music. No writing club. Chess club. You name it. Oh! I take it back, we have FFA. That's it.
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While we don't have many sports options (only baseball, golf, and basketball), there is an insane amount of support for the basketball team. Everyone's involved. When there's a tournament, school is practically shut down and almost the entire town attends. Sometimes it gets borderline scary. There have been times where other classmates have been looked down upon for playing at opposing schools. There's tons of support for the basketball team and almost half of the student body (if not more) participates.
It's pretty good. The teachers enforce the dress code moderately well. I mean, there are some things I find questionable such as no black nail polish but overall, it's pretty good. Most teachers enforce attendance and everyone does a good job doing their jobs. Now, the guidance counselor can be scatter-brained at times and that's really hard when she's the one getting you into your college classes. I've been late into every college class I've ever had because she's forgetful. That's the only frustrating thing about the staff.
Anybody part of the LGBT community is bullied. It really upsets me and it's hard to do anything about it. There's a lot of peer pressure. People have tried to give me cocaine in the past and other drugs. Most everyone is white, but I don't see a lot of racism to the people who aren't. Every now and again I witness something, but it's not often. Basically, there aren't many diverse people here. I came from a very diverse school before and I was shocked when I came here to find groups outlined in very distinct social standards and stereotypes. It was honestly like stepping onto the set of Mean Girls.
While some teachers don't make us do anything whatsoever, many of them keep us on our feet. I mean, it's not nearly as challenging or insightful as my dual credit classes, but, overall, they do a pretty good job. Every teacher is different.
The school is relatively good once you find your niche. Almost all of the teachers are highly qualified and do their jobs very well. The school is very supportive of the UIL academics. In fact, they sent me to state for UIL Ready Writing last year. That includes hotel and eating costs. The school also has options for online college classes. I enjoy the small setting.
However, I get frustrated by how the school seems biased towards particular beliefs. For example, many of the teachers have crosses in their rooms and the sports teams sometimes have scriptures on their sports shirts and ceremonial prayers before games. In addition, the entire elementary sings songs about God and Jesus for school functions during the Christmas holidays. I don't say anything, but I sometimes feel like they're violating the "seperation of church and state" law.
Moreover, there aren't many options or support for extracurricular activities. Especially if sports aren't your thing. For example, the drama club pays for everything itself. That includes set, costume, and props. The school sends them to competition and that's about it. There used to be a stage, but a concession stand stands in it's place now. We used to have a poor art class, but we don't even have that anymore. There is no music, no art. Even our sports options aren't that great. Basketball, baseball, and golf. They say we don't have the money for it, yet somehow they were able to afford that brand new gym and the huge electronic sign outside. We also seem to be able to afford for everyone to have their own Ipads. For every classroom to have flatscreen televisions and smart projectors that nobody even uses. I think they have more money than they're letting on.
You get what you get and it's usually very unhealthy. I put on fifteen pounds after starting school and the only thing that changed in my diet was the fact that I was eating school food. I started bringing all of my own food to school as a result. Sure, it tastes alright, but there are NO options. Sometimes we have a snack bar open and they offer two things: nachos and frito pie. Neither of which are healthy options. I'm really frustrated there aren't more options for a variety of people. I was thinking about becoming a vegetarian for awhile and school food posed a problem. I also have friends that are gluten intolerant and they have to bring their own lunches to school. Everybody complains that the youth of America is becoming increasingly obese and I hardly find it surprising with what we're served day to day.
The school is relatively safe. I've seen some questionable things such as sex offenders allowed to be at the school and there has been some drug problems in the past. It's otherwise pretty safe and not much goes on in a quiet town. As for the health programs, it's usually okay. There are several days a week in which the nurse is not around, and we don't have police. But we run through drills periodically. I
School facilities are awesome, fairly new school always clean and new gym which is beautiful. College prep resources really aren't there, wish they would've been, our guidance counselor is very helpful! Technology could be better, also they transitioned this year into iPads.
When I did eat at the cafeteria it was okay, just plain old cafeteria food of course they didn't have something I liked everyday but they did have choices somedays so that helped immensely! People complain about the food sometimes, but they still eat and are just fine afterwards!
Everything about the Lipan athletic program is perfect! They have the sports possible our small school, and the involvement is awesome! They also have after school program with fitness. A group of elementary/middle school/high school students get together with the teachers and run or walk somedays after school. Most schools I know don't do that so it's really cool.
Academics at Lipan High school are perfect! The teachers are so helpful and will do what it takes to help us pass a test or class. We don't have very much choice of classes though since Lipan is such a small school but the classes we do have are great. The workload can be overwhelming sometimes though. The most popular class is probably AG most students love that class.
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