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Linwood Middle School Reviews

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Linwood is one of the worst public Middle School anyone can go to. I am currently in Linwood and I hate it. Let's start with the teachers, the teachers don't care about anyone but themselves. For example, When an administrator comes in they act like they were not even yelling at us two seconds ago. Next, my classmates, they are disruptive and treat the school like a barn. In the halls, they are either running or walking as slow as they can in front of people to get them mad. Also, the fights that they start are the stupidest thing ever they are so disruptive, and then no one can get to class because the teachers are blocking the halls. Lastly, the administrators are the absolute worst. They treat people differently than other people. Also whoever starts a fight rarely gets into trouble and who stands up for themselves gets into trouble it's ridiculous.
There are many academic opportunities, but skills in socializing are needed to branch out and find these opportunities. Without discipline, I found there will be a hard time.
Improvement is desperately needed in the social studies, Math, and certain English classes.
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It could be improved, it needs to be improved for me to feel that school is safe.
I was in a few clubs they were okay i suppose, I wasn't very invested in them because they were boring.
There are a lot of things wrong with Linwood Middle School...for starters students who disrupt the classes aren't held accountable and are loud to mostly go unpunished. When given ISS or OSS the students see it more as a reward than a punishment. The ISS room is a joke, it has computers which the students are aloud to use, they are aloud to talk and use phones, its ridiculous! Though there was a lot of negative certain teachers made it a better experience and i felt i had their support, but there were very few teachers, about 5 in the entire school.
Overall as a whole the teachers are okay, there were some who clearly loved teaching and wanted their students to do well and their were others that just seemed to not care and not truly wanted their students to do well. Also a few teachers played favorites, and if u weren't a favorite than they would make things alot harder on you which is unfair because everyone should be treated the same.
I have one child with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and required Special Education services. I truly believe that if it were not for the great school district with awesome teachers, and of course this school as well my children would have not done as well. My daughter has made it to the Honor Roll and I am very proud of her.
I have had very little problems with teacher or school staff here at Linwood. My son also attended prior to my daughter and I loved how committed the teachers were to helping my son get his diploma. I too am a teacher and I understand what it means to go above and beyond and that is what all of the Linwood MS staff and teachers have done in the past and current year.