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Linton-Stockton High School Reviews

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The students and staff are amazing and easy to get along with. The music department sounds amazing and the kids seem to have a good time with it. The school is a little too focused on sports. Some of the other programs could use a little more attention.
The teachers were always amazing. I loved the extra-curricular activities that were offered. I would, however, would have appreciated having more AP and Dual-Credit courses because it could have helped me a lot my freshman year of college.
I have spent my entire high school carrer attending Linton-Stockton High School. During this time I beleive I have recived a decent education. As far as my future education is concerned, the preperation and readiness is somewhat shaky. This is due to the lack of teaching skills and experience by our current educators. Overall though, I consider this to be an average school system.
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I enjoyed the competition and compassion when it came to sports, but the school atmosphere needs work.
I love the community of Linton when we all come together to support our football/basketball boys. However, they do not do the same for girls. It is very obvious, even in the administration, who is favored more by everyone. It is the boys, which can be understandable to a point, but when the athletic fund will help pay for the football boy’s state runner-up rings and not even give the cheerleaders the design of the ring or who is making it so that they can buy them themselves, I have a problem with that.
It has been pretty good. If I could I would do it all over again.
Here at Linton Stockton High School our teacher do everything they can in their power to encourage us, help us and guide us to the right path. Many of my teachers have gone above and beyond to make sure that I understood everything they have taught me as well as they are actually caring and considerate.
The diversity of this school is neat. Everybody comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and everyone still treats everyone the same. That is what I love about Vincennes. My favorite teacher was my English professor because she did all that she could to make sure we were passing and understanding the curriculum given.
Student's voices matter as well as teachers. The teachers will go above and beyond to correct a student if they know they are wrong. Even if there answer is off by a decimal, the teachers will always show them the right way.
99% White but the school is very accepting to other races
One of the best athletic schools out of Indiana Small school. I'm a senior and have never lost a sectional in my sports best teams in the area. Tremendous Basketball and Football programs. Great baseball and softball along with volleyball and track. Tennis and girls basketball are below average.
Very safe schoo. Rarely any issues
Not really all that many clubs to take part in outside of school
Our school is very laid back and relaxed. Very big in athletics and the community support is outrageously great
There are a select amount of teachers who go above and beyond but you have your fair share of teachers just there not putting in much work at all
This is the first full year with an SRO officer and additional cameras. We have not had a bomb treat this year which I believe it to be due to the cameras.
If it isn't sports then the school has just a few after school events/clubs during the year
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They school is in a low to mid income area and the lower income parents for the post part do not push the students to do their best in school
There is just a view teachers that are not up on the technology, but they are in training to be able to teach.
Most clubs don't get as much traction and attention and recognition as the football team.
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