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Teachers are very good on trying to help the kids learn on the subject that the teacher’s are teaching. The school lunches has improved from years past. The technology has improved. New classes are offered.
The teachers do the best they can to provide the students with the knowledge they need. The teachers get the students involved in the subject they are in. The scheduling process goes very well, most of the students get the classes they want. The workload is moderate. I think it is the right amount of homework needed. We could have a more diverse range of classes though.
The school is very old. Half of the computers are old. Most of the time the heaters don't work, and we need heat for most of the school year. We don't have much college prep resources.
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The athletics are outstanding. The coaches push you hard to be a great team. It's not just about one teammate, it's the whole team. The school spirit is pretty good around here. The gym and weight room are in excellent condition.
There are some options for extracurricular activities. We do not have many clubs here. I don't think we have any after-school activities besides sports practice.
The students exclude new students. A lot of the students are stuck up. It is very hard to fit in.
We have security cameras and always lock the doors.
The cafeteria has a very organized food line. The menus could use a little improvement. There is not a variety of different foods on the menus. One thing that could be added to the menu is a wider variety of veggies and fruits. Most of the food doesn't look too healthy. Most of the time there is extra grease in the meal.
Our guidance counselor is very good at putting out new scholarships every time she hears about one. One plus to this school is that the staff isn't too pick on the dress code. The teachers pay close attention to the attendance and try to talk to the kids to become more involved in the classes.
All of the teachers have a strong desire in what they are teaching and love to spread the knowledge to every one of their students. If the students don't get an assignment very well, the teachers will slow down and take a couple more days on the assignment. Most of our teachers are pretty accepting of our answers on homework, but a couple of them are very picky.
This school has the same cultural background for all the students and faculty. I would choose this school to go to again because it is a little school and you know everybody you see in the halls.
The required academic classes of Linton High School include: four years of English, three years of math (pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Senior math, Trigonometry, and Advanced Math), three social study courses (U.S. History, World History, and PoD 1 and 2), and three years of science (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Earth Science) Of the classes listed above, Freshmen must take: either pre-Algebra or Algebra, Physical Science, and English 9. This scheduling process continues until senior year; students then can pick between advanced classes or easier classes.
Linton offers College English, College Speech, and College Algebra for high school seniors, if they meet the requirements. German and Spanish are the only foreign language classes offered.
Linton offers a decent number of electives, ranging from health, shop, and business. Because Linton has acquired many new teachers, only the experienced teachers (History and English), would be considered fair teachers, though other teachers are improving.
Extracurricular activities at Linton are mostly sport based. Football and volleyball are Linton's fall sports. During the end of the fall session, drama is an option for students. As for winter, extracurricular activities would include speech, basketball, wrestling, FBLA, and FCCLA. Spring offers golf and track. For the most part, Linton seems to lack in extracurricular activities; however, Linton does offer both band and choir to students all year round. Due to this lack of extracurricular, save sports, I have been forced to start my own nonprofit organization and work with my local American Legion.
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