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I really liked the community at Linn-Mar. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive in everything that we do.
Linn-Mar High School helped me grow into who I am today. My administrators, counselors and teachers did not just teach me about math or history, or how to sign up for classes, but they taught me how to be a good person, be honest and work hard for anything I want. If you want the A, you work for the A. If you want to have good friends, be a good friend. Linn-Mar High School let me be whoever I wanted to be while encouraging me to be better. It helped me grow into the potential I knew I had. I met friends that will be in my life forever, teachers that have impacted me in unexplainable ways, and memories that will last forever.
What I like about Linn Mar High School most is that they focus on the students learning subjects, instead of getting high scores. Linn Mar has introduced a new grading system that helps promote this way of thinking called standard based grading which had helped me to focus less on the grades. I also appreciate how my school has such a wonderful staff, who are always willing to help me when I have questions about the assignments, even when they are doing other things at the moment. There is no such thing as a perfect school, and there never will be. The thing that sets Linn Mar High School ahead of most, is how hard they try to improve.
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It wasn't perfect, but over all at Linn-Mar they are well-funded and the teachers seem to really care. The food is okay and the music program is EXCELLENT. The sports program... not as much. Very aesthetically appealing building.
Amazing school, great administrators and staff, and the school have access to a lot of funds, an indoor pool, a massive stadium, and two huge entrances.
Linn-Mar has outstanding staff members that care about their students education. They make sure that the environment is safe for everyone. The level of education that I have received is top notch and they offer a variety of classes. They also offer college classes that way students can start earned college credit in high school. One thing I would change is that some teachers need to be on the same page about curriculum and they need to be teaching the same curriculum. It is not fair that one teacher might be easier on the content than another teacher and it can seriously affect some students grades. Linn-Mar has provided me with some amazing opportunities and I’m very thankful for the level of education I have received.
I liked that Lin-Mar High Scholl had teachers you can connect with. Even though I am in college now I still go back to see my favorite High School teachers. I wish Linn-Mar had more diversity. Sure, there are students of a different culture but I feel as though those students don't really interact with anyone else, there is a club called ALO, but only students of color join. I like that Linn-Mar has a diversity fair every year where students of different cultures come together and teach others about their culture, it seemed like it brought every student into the gym, it was very cool.
I feel like Linn-Mar does a very good job getting students ready for college. It really helped me to be able to meet with my counselor whenever I needed to talk about my classes or major, and the counselors were always willing to help you. Linn-Mar was a great high school where students can feel safe, cared for and get really good and trusted high school education.
My experience with LM has been very positive overall. I ADORED all of my teachers in elementary and middle school, and most of my high school teachers as well. the biggest area of improvement needed is that there are so many kids attending that it is hard for the staff to keep track of everything that goes on. I love the music department and it has been by far my favorite part of my high school career.
Linn-Mar is a great community with teachers who enjoy teaching and shaping kids into better people. Everyone is very helpful and kind!
Lots of opportunities to get involved. There is not enough parking at the school for the amount of students that are enrolled.
Linn-Mar High School gave me a very memorable experience over my last four years in high school. All of the teachers I had were invested in each of their students and were available to help me with anything I needed. I played in the Linn-Mar Orchestras for all four years. I also played softball for five years and basketball for four years. I think Linn-Mar High School has a great atmosphere to attend school and I am grateful for everyone I have met these past four years.
I have been in the Linn-Mar School District my entire life and I know that it is very above average at times while equally below average at others.
I liked my science teachers and their teaching style, it inspired me to pursue more science focus and will further my education in college in Biology and Optometry.
I would like to see scheduling of classes change to make it easier to get into the classes you want by offering different times and days.
I have had a very positive high school career. I've gotten involved with some sports such as cheerleading my freshman year and swimming and show choir my sophomore through senior year. Linn-Mar offers a wide variety of experience for their students in and out of the classroom. Students are encouraged to become involved in our high school and pursue what they are passionate about. I feel like Linn-Mar could be better with passing on information about academic opportunities during and after high school.
Linn-Mar High School is an exceptional school that strives to teach students at all levels. The academics are far above the national average and even above other schools in the area. I have had nothing but positive interactions with this school.
i would like to see the highschool become smaller, as of now it is very crowded. but it is a great school, teachers are over all just great and do a good job with helping and allowing students to make mistakes, without making them feel bad.
Great place to go to school... new school coming soon as well... I would highly recommend if you are in cedar rapids... go to linn-mar
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I have two favorite parts about High School, which is Show Choir and ALO. My senior year of Show Choir was so fun. I was in the varsity group called, "10th Street Edition". We did a show about a deaf women and she was a pilot. By the end of each performance, everyone is crying. The show had such a big impact on everyone that seen it. You learned that no matter what your situation is, you can do anything you want if you believe in yourself. Plus, we went undefeated in the 4 competitions we went to so that was great.
ALO is the Minority Club which stands for Accountability, Leadership, and Opportunity. This group was created so that minorities could show everyone that we are better than those bad stereotypes. I am an original member of ALO. The club started my Junior Year. I love the Adviser we have. He name is Janessa Walters. She is amazing. She cares so much about our success. Every school needs a Janessa Walters. I don't think I would have made it to college without her.
Linn-Mar high school is great for the arts. The orchestra and choir are state renowned, and the drama departmen rocks. I wish our football team would win once in a while, though.
The school itself does well enough and as far as high schools go, it’s about as middle of the line an experience as you’ll find. Good programs generally, but staff aren’t always the most qualified and worst case scenario, have been volatile enough to discourage students from being involved in certain classes. Others are very dedicated and care very much about the students, so both ends of the spectrum are present.

The school has an excellent arts program, but the board doesn’t seem to care and pours most of its (already nonexistent) funds into the football and basketball teams, that only ever seem to lose in spite of the scale of the financial assistance dedicated to them. Super talented singers, dancers, speakers and artists. And girl’s volleyball. Could definitely be worse. Could definitely do better.
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