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Linn High School taught me so much through my 4 years of highshool. Although it was in a small town I made life time memories and friends there. Teachers were always wanting to see you succeed and see you go onto bigger and better things after you graduated from Linn High.
I liked how friendly and communicative almost everyone was in the school. I was able to learn a lot from the teachers and they were easy to connect with.
I would like the teachers to get paid more so that we don't have to get an entire new set every single year. I have had several that were amazing and had to move to another school due to low salaries.
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I liked how some teachers were very involved in your career. And I would like to see a lot of change at LHS
I would like for the administration to try new methods to keep the good teachers, not for the teacher but for the kids success.
I am currently a senior in Linn High School. The teachers are nice and helpful, the food is good, and the students are nice too.
I liked the new teachers they have brought in over the last few years has been very beneficial for the school. However, the constant change in administration has been a little rough, because rules keep changing. I do think the staff are trying their best to improve the school.
Our school doesn't have the best funding, for my chemistry class we rarely get to do experiments because of the costs for those experiments.
Most of our clubs are very high in numbers as well as our sports teams. I generally find myself watching some of our schools plays and generally students that participate in those plays show up to sporting events.
I have been going to Linn my whole life. The students are my family and the teachers and faculty guide me. They all have shown me what I am capable of and where kindness will take you. There are rarely any problems with any students. I am absolutely proud to say that I will be graduating from Linn High School.
Admin and teachers care about each student/family
Always looking to offer more subjects/options
New administration - new direction - positive
An area where it can always be improved - good job
Everything offered is very well supported
Would be nice to offer more opportunities/sports
moved away to college. thought it would be easy like high school, turned out i didnt know how to study or take good notes. the real world slapped me in the face, hard.
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the school is safe. the staff keeps everything under control
i would choose it again but it needs to become more oriented on student success after highschool
The teams were all great!
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