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I can say i like everything about this school.It has the readiness to set a student ready for the next level of education. Their facilities are good for my liking ..They have good school culture and they take their hygiene very seriously in terms of the food they serve. They involve parents to be able to good leaders in the future ...i kinda like every thing about how things are done in the school
All of the teachers and staff are really nice. Everyone is glad to help each other with homework. All students are friendly and most of them spend a lot of time with each other.
I have been at this school for all 12 years and I love it here. You get along with everyone the teachers here are all nice. Even though we are a very small community, everyone still comes out to our ballgames and cheers for us. This is my senior year and I'm excited that my time here is coming to an end it has been a fun and fast year. I have meet a lot of new people along this journey and they have all been very nice to be with. I am involved in a few clubs and do Track.
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Linn High School was fun. I really liked the teachers. I wish there were more classes, but that's hard to offer for a small school.
I like the last five years here. The have everything so a freshman in high school can join. There is nothing I would really change about Linn High School.
I really like all of the teachers and they're all very helpful. The students are all very respectful and just good to be around.
I have been going to Linn High School for 4 years. Ever since I have started, I would have never wanted to leave. There are a lot of great teachers and staff. They are committed to the success of every child in the building. The entire district is focused on challenging the students to ensure their success after high school. I feel that the academic curriculum here is very good. I feel like I have learned a higher level of knowledge than kids from other schools. All in all, I would not want to go to school anywhere else and would recommend this school to any one else.
Linn High School is a great school. It has lots of things you can be in. Many sports, clubs and activities that you can be in. It is also a good thing that there is only one hallway so you know where your class rooms are and you can never get lost. There is one bad thing though. There are not that many kids so the sports teams aren't the best. But one advantage of that is you get to play a lot in the games
The teachers care about their students and many will work with you afterhours to help you if you struggle.
Our school nurse is awful. She is here maybe a few times a month and does nothing! Unless you need a band-aid then you aren't getting helped.
The vast majority of people here are heterosexual, white Lutherans or Catholics. There are also a few Mexicans. (I happen to be both white & Mexican). As far as I know, there is only one gay person here.
Most people here are very smart and work hard to achieve good grades. Some classes are challenging but if you really wanted to, a 4.0 isn't too difficult to get.
The food is called "healthy" but most of the time it's a gray, bland piece of meat with a few vegetables around it.
I go to a small school so bullying isn't a huge problem. The involvement of the prinicpal is limited.
There are plenty of great organizations to join but they don't get the same recognizition as sports do.
The school spirit is lagging at my school (trust me. I'm a cheerleader). Most of our athletic facilities are good but can be improved on.
The athletics offered at our extremely small school are quite impeccable. Sports like football, volleyball, track, golf, and cheerleading are available to every single student and no one is denied the opportunity to play what ever sport they want. That's what I love about our school. The janitors keep everything very clean for us athletes, also. Everything's always in order and ready in plenty of time for any game played at our school.
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Linn is a very close knit school and I have many friends here. I have enjoyed my experience here but I wouldn't choose to go here again. I like to explore new places and this was a great chapter of my life.
As far as technology goes, the school always keeps that incredibly up to date. The class choices are very limited considering it's a small rural school. The teachers are very kind but don't always have the extra time to help you if you struggle.
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