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I like this school because there are good teachers that not only teach you, they also take care of you. People are very friendly and you can very good friends. However, is a small school and has its limitations.
Wonderful school to attend. Small class size allows better student teacher relationships and one on one interaction. Small school size allows for the student to be more involved in extra curricular activities.
This school is very welcoming. This school provides a close learning community with many college readiness opportunities.
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My overall experience at this school is great. I have had many fun experiences, like making posters for the Halloween Carnival. What makes this school unique is that the students are very family oriented. I would choose this school again because I have had a great experience at my school.
Some of the teachers are adequate. The teachers teaching styles are pretty good. The teachers at my school are very knowledge. The teachers are very interested in the students, they care for us a lot, and they want the best for us. Their communications skills are fairly good. They are open for discussion anytime of the day. The teachers consistency in grading is normal. They grade the same way every time, unless someone makes a really bad test grade or something similar to that.
This school allows anyone to join any activity they want they are great with this no one is ever dented and extracurricular.
Overall we don't have any problems with security, the school nurse only comes every other day because of how small our school is but this school does a great job with the health and safety.
Overall most of the teachers I do have in class are great, they help you with anything you need help with and offer advice if needed as well.
The traditions are awesome, the connection is great
All faculty is involved with the students and parents.
The teachers keep the workload to a manageable level but have high expectations of their students
Have a new gym and football field. Good facilities for a small school
Small school where students can get help from the teachers. Everyone from Pre-kindergarten through seniors knows each other
A new high school building. The other buildings date back to the 1930's but are in good repair and have modern amenities
We are a small school but we recently implemented a football program and produced our first female state powerlifter
All our teachers are amazing examples for us to follow. They love to teach us and only want to prepare us for the real world. They all are relativly new and can teach us more than the older teachers.
Throughout the years I have made many great friends and many great teachers. The teachers really care about their students. I mean it would be nice to not have homework on game nights, but our teachers don't use sports as an excuse. They want to prepare us for the real world and college. You also make many friends because in a small school, everyone knows everybody. But that is also what makes me mad. Your friends are always in your business trying to protect you.
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